Saturday, September 5, 2009

Blog Takeover!!!

Hey all - just wanted you to know that now I am the mad mind behind the blog. JW just didn't have the heart for it anymore, but didn't want to see it die.. so now it is my hands - muahahaaa. You will find the same madcap dithering writing, and all sorts of great bargains and new shops to feed your addiction. Hopefully you haven't all abandoned hope on the blog, cos I can't wait to bring you some really fun things..

Firstie first!! Check out this bag of awesome! I can't get over the gifts Miel gives to their subscribo group, and if you are not 9in it, what the hell is wrong with you?? This bag is amazing and comes with 43970265274365625938845635 click change clolour options on every aspect of the bag, incl. whether or not you have your little bunneh with you or not. Also, it has a hold script which should work well with most AOs. There is a limited time this will be available to snag, so get over to Miel and slap the subscribo, you won't regret it!

Next up is a killer combo from Tiny Bird - the Lola hair in Brownie, and her amazing mod of Eloh Eliot's newest Starlight skins. The ahir was a free gift given during Shopping Cart Disco's Reader Appreciation day, and the skin is from the just ended Poop Hunt. I hope she thinks of making more skins, cos I am in love with all three makeups she created for the hunt. So lovely..

Look at these great kicks from Maschienenwerk! These honestly may be my favourite Chucks in SL. And the price can't be beat - 0L - just like everything at their shop. The best part is, they come in male and female sizes, and are size scripted for the best fit possible. I also have on Pig Shop's Socks mit Suspenders (25L during the 4th of July sale). I love these socks so much!

Finally, the piece that started the whole outfit - Doppleganger's 50 Linden Friday offering: Madras shorts in a limited Nantucket colouring. If you haven't heard of this awesome Friday event, I don't know where you've been! Basically, every Friday, a select collection of stores put out a top nitch, limited item for only 50L. These items are the creme de la creme of their collections, and very often are in colours that are only available for that friday. Make sure you hop on this opportunity, and there is even a group you can join to get updates on who is participating each week. With them, I slipped on one of my favourite basics - the milky ribbon tank from Sugarcube (1L). This is another group you need to join as Sayuri is incredibly generous to her subscribo group members, and I have a future post planned that will center around all the gorgeousness she creates.

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