Wednesday, April 29, 2009

idk - but i love it!

I read Uncle Wiggily's blog/Flickr religiously so when I saw this post ( I hopped into the update group immediately. And then today I woke up to a loverly surprise review folder from Esme. I squealed. Yes. I did.

I am seriously in love with idk - from the name to the teensiest pixel, it is awesome. A partnership between Esme Michigan (Uncle Wiggily) and Chav Paderborn (The Steamstress), it fuses the strengths of both into a sleek line of scenester clothes that I really truly would wear for reals. Me want. *frowny eyes* There is such attention paid to every detail and texture, just as we've come to expect from these two, and nothing disappoints.

Everything I saw seems to retail at around 100L (single pieces) - 250L (for a complete outfit). There are also adorable bangles and some super cute hair I'll be showing in a later post. I'm going to show a bit of the NC Esme passed on, and then I'll shutup so you can look at my picture "spammage":

The sim is still under construction, but you could join "idk Updates Group", the join URL is: (
We'll post the LM as a group notice on the 2nd.
Also!! ~~~~ Our opening party will be Saturday May 2nd, 11am SLT (2pm East Coast Esme time, 7pm Greenwich Paderborn Mean Time). You are invited, as are your readers.If ur online, PLEASE COME. THERE WILL BE FREEBIES.

Now for the loverliness -

All clothes worn are from idk - except for:
*Aitui armtubes (50L)
*M's Black Engineer boots (Lucky Chair)
*Rock Candy Sketchi hair in Black (50L during an old sale i think?)
*Fear & Clothing's Bat Wifebeater (1L - shown with leopard capris)
*Steamstress corset (group gift - shown with vintage red bell skirt)
*Snatch Elfie ears (lucky chair)
*and as usual - lessthan3 skin , Rave Nation choker, and Sinistyles finger tape (all prev blogged)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Splatterpainted Reekin' Goodness

Hey everyone! I've gotta tell you about two newly favourite stores. Reek (new mainstore just opened up in Area 408 of Starlust), and Riq has some subscribo-ly goodness for peoples who come by to clicky-click join, as well as a wicked 80s style skating rink for 1L that you've seen blogged everywhere. Plus - tho I've not yet bought them, belts of wonder and dead cupcake shirts of doom that I must own. Must and WILL. And then I'll take pretty pictures for you all to look at. Yes. All three of you.

There are 2 shirts currently available for suscribo groupers - I've only shown one, as pank (which says OHAI and is really cool trust me) isn't so much my thing, and anyone who knows me, knows I say dude way too often for someone who comes from the East Coast.

I've also got on a pair of jeans I have seriously been LUSTING after for DAYS from my second new favourite store, Riddle (older store, new favourite of mine). The lucky chair at Riddle has 5 different washes of these paint splattered jeans. I will most likely go back and just buy the light grey wash (100L still SUCH a deal) cos the mean chair throws out so few J's I wanna cry. These come in a three pack with full, capri, and short lengths, with prim cuffs to match for all.

All these shots were taken @ Oubliette in the most amazing vardo that I am going to buy this week, and then finally find some small little corner of land/sky to rent that will allow saaaay 200 prims or so, and this lil Traveller will finally have her dreamvardo home base *squeeeee* This particular one is called the Steamed Holly and is only 1200L. Seriously, as I sit in this.. I feel like I am at home already, and I've not yet found my domicile. Saiyge has such painstaking attention to details and colour *swoon*

Reek! Dude Tee - subscribo gift (
Thimbles Henry Hybrid Shirt - group gift (
Riddle! Splatter Jeans - lucky chair/100L (
Rock Candy Hair (prev. blogged) - 100L for 5 colours (
Vardo Area on Oubliette - they come in both furnished w/poses and unfurnished empty versions, with many different styles to choose from! - (

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sepia Faeling aka I'm Baaack!

So I took an admittedly LOONG break from blogging, for which there were many reasons i will not get into. *grin* So I have a backlog of stuff I want to blog about now, and this first post will be very picture heavy - something I've heard people don't like, apparently, but something I enjoy. So there *sticks tongue out*

I spent my day @ the Cream Shop mainstore sim Rainy Town, and I am so in love with this place. I'll explain the details of my outfit now, to get it out of the way. weeee.. anarchy!

[RockBerry]'s ubiquitous Character Skin (group gift - LOVE it)
PixelDolls Revolver outfit (50L during a long ago sale)
bOOn's messy hair (0L - which i tinted)
EyeFidelity's Reflections eyes - The Far Away eyes (1L)
/NoLabel/ Drunken Cowboy Boots (group gift from awhile back)
and my beloved Uncle Wiggily antlers (1L)

My journey into Rainy Town begins (as always click for a larger pic):

Playing at the water's edge, dreaming of.. well I'll keep that to myself. *winsome smile*

Next I took a browse through the vinyl shop:

I finished out my visit (and where I am still currently hanging out as I type this) having met a new friend:

Bosco (that's his name) says hi