Saturday, January 30, 2010

no reason to cry out your eyes.

Song For This Post: Hawksley Workman - No Reason To Cry Out Your Eyes

This is a song that I turn to.. well all the time lol. Just listen will you? It has a message we all need to hear sometimes. Also, as someone commented the vid, "My life would be so much better if I had a little Hawksley hanging from my mirror". I couldn't agree more..

Outfit Deets:

tshirt - ClubHouse The Bastard: Cupid Unisex T (0L in store Valentine's gift!! Plus he is participating in many many hunts, sales, and free stuffs so drag your guy down with you. you won't regret it)
jacket - Reek Laundry Day Hoodie (250L/colours, 1750/ginormous fatpk. Also as of this posting time, the green was still available for 50L Fri. Go. QUICK! These things have clicky abiltiies for 423538673492965863 combos!)
hair - Sand Shack Surf Co Maranna [Fringe Bangs] - Butterscotch (50L Fri item)
skin - Tyranny Designs Margie Test Sad Clown (50L Fri item)
boots - Miel Hai boots (prev blogged)
leggings - DemiDemi rose and butterfly tights (store no longer exists)
shorts - **DP**yumyum short pants/red (165L)
horns - Sweet Leonard Fa(u)ntasy Horns [woodland] - (260L)
piercings - Sn@tch Demure (no longer avail? long ago gift)

Poses are from, in order,  PIDIDDLE (old poses pack - no longer avail? I couldn't find it), BP* (0L Drowsy Winter Fest gift), and {doll.} (store formerly named S.Loves - 1L instore gift), and all shots were taken @ Hotch Potch mainstore (this whole store and Renesis sim is surreal and haunting, with many fun little surprises and gifts to explore!!)

Friday, January 29, 2010

oh you delicate heart.

This song is one that means a lot to me. Yes, it's sombre, but oh.. it's melancholia completely touches my soul. He's a master at exposing my redly beating heart, is Hawksley. This version of this song, most particularly. I think the baroque grainy Paris shots and "stranger in a strange land" feeling of the video just amplify the effect.

Outfit Deets:

hair - (Posh) Superficial II Recolor Sunflower/Scarlet (0L/asst 4 pk)
sweatshirt - -Collect*- Nature sweat/animal-elephant (0L in store gift along w/a 2nd style)
jacket - SD Wears Ovation jacket in Pink (0L subscribo join gift srsly incredible!!)
skin - .::Mother Goose's::. Boree X-mas (oL luckyboard gift)
boots - Miel Hai boots (prev blogged and yes. you WILL see these, like a LOT. tuff noogs yo lol)
skirt - barbee. Long Skirt "AKE" red (oL in store gift)
horns - Sweet Leonard Fa(u)ntasy Horns [woodland] - (260L)
piercings - Sn@tch Demure (possibly no longer avail? long ago gift)

All of these shots were taken @ GCMG Warehouse (amazing little mall that has many designers, including the cool animal from Down Down Down I am playing on, which has all the poses included. you'll even find a gift or two at some of the stalls here)

we dance to yesterday.

Song For This Post: Hawksley Workman - We Dance To Yesterday

I was in a fun silly mood with this outfit.. and the song/video matches that sort of dreamlike effect I'd been feeling with these pictures. Hope you like both!

Outfit Details:
hair - Maitreya Sasha (prev blogged)
sweater - SG Fashion (lucky board prize as seen here)
skin - another shop starlight eudora (oL)
boots - Miel Hai boots (prev blogged)
leggings - MichaMi pia leggings (oL gift blogged everywhere)
under leggings - (kabochan world) - (0L for a fat pack of lace leggings)
glasses - Happy Finds Ivy Glasses (group gift in notices last I checked)
teakettle/cup - BP* (I know this was either a hunt gift or an old group gift, but I've had it for a reallt long time)

Poses are from BP*, Elise, and Ladybird (the last 2 of which has closed sadly), and all shots were taken @ Holli Pocket's mainstore! Do stop by as she has two rotating luckyboards, a great MM with only 50 slaps required, and is in the same sim with Frop! and others you will love.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

piano blink.

Song For This Post: Hawksley Workman - Piano Blink

This is going to be a quickie, with the hopes that I'll have another one right after(ish). You'll notice that in the next few posts I'll be featuring different songs by Hawksley Workman. I think he is currently one of the most underrated Canadian musicians out there, and he rocks my world. I discovered him over 5 years ago, after having moved to Vancouver, on the late night Much More Music Video Flow. I have been hooked ever since, and I hope to get a few more converts.

Outfit Deets:

hair - - cassie (previous group gift)
skin - Tuli - Bella (exclusive VIP group Xmas gift)
corset/collar/top - Pixel Dolls Bella Corset (50L @ Sweeter Than Candy, purchased with group gift card)
boots - Decoy - Jully boots (0L during the long ago opening sale)
necklace - Happy Finds - Time necklace (group gift)
piercings - ellabella - slightly modded (1L long ago opening pressie)
jeans - Doux Petit Dahl - The Jeans (former group gift)
gloves - Glam Affair - (1L from the opening gift pack)
eyes - Plastik - OniCollection Pan Green - (0L former group gift)

poses by Lazy Places (0L from the IVO hunt)
photos taken @ The Black Market

Friday, January 22, 2010

into the sky.

This is a lightning fast post that is essentially about two things: 1) AM Radio's new installation "Into The Sky" and 2) more items for Haiti Relief, incl some from 50L Friday!
Firstly, let's talk about the sim, then I'll list everything I'm wearing. This sim is so completely gorgeous, with the eerie mundane magic that AM is so amazing at! I took these shots using AM's light settings, as I tend to switch to whenever I visit one of his sims.

Now for the clothing details:

all 50L Friday Haiti items:
Miel - Hai Boots
Pig - SingSing cardi in Precious
(pda) - 50L Fri poses (aside from the 2 above, those are AM's hidden treat)

Other Haiti Relief items:
Maitreya - Sasha 50L
Lark - red Cross tights (also incl a gorgy dress not shown) 150L

Non-Haiti Relief items:
[ATOMIC] skin (prev blogged)
[]Tuli[] - cable knit cropped vest (long ago hunt gift now 35L/colour!)
SUGARCUBE - skirt from chimney dress  (0L pressie can't find from where)
OhMai! - High Rise tank in Maroon (part of 5L colourpack)

already yours.

Song For This Post: "Already Yours" - Bahamas

This post I'm featuring one of my favourite skybox.home builders in SL, Molto Bene!. Gorgeous texturing, sleek low primmage, the things coming from this store are so appealing to me. The crate I am on in the above pic is also part of the Haiti Relief Skybox. You get 6 crates, each with a different sit pose in them for the incredible price of 99L! AND the proceeds of this item (when bought from the skybox) go entirely to the Red Cross fund. The gorgeous skybox I am in is the Mini Seaside cabin (50L 16prims!). It has a 10x10 footprint, which is ample for me, and comes with either plain walls, or lyrics, as you see behind me.

This next pic, I'm inside my absolute favie piece, Aden&Anna's Pigeon Coop (150L 33 prims). It has working doors and the usual attention to detail you can guarantee from Molto Bene!. I had tried to do some shots featuring all the amazing free deco goodies I found, but, yanno, SL hates me. So I'lll save those items for a later post. Stay tuned, cos really, they are incredible.

Had to show you a close up of this amazing skin! it's the exclusive makeup given to group members only from [ATOMIC]. There is a fee to join this group, but you will never regret it. You get showered with exclusives and early notice on items that far exceeds the fee. (Click on the pics for larger views)


OhMai! - Granny Made It cardi (100L/colour)
Thimbles - Miso Moose longsleeve (10L during a long ago sale)
Uncle Wiggily - Easy patchwork skirt and hedgehog socks (store/designer no longer exists *cries*)
JUNWAVE - Rebecca hair (80L/colour)
[/NoLabel/] - Drunk Cowboy Boots (store/designer no longer exists???? wth?)
PIDIDDLE - feather from Hungry For A Holiday sweater (long ago group gift)
Violet Voltaire - No Love Lost necklace (200L necklace/earring sets)

standing poses from BP* (1L @ the Drowsy Winter Festival)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

comforting comfort.

Song For This Post: Sparklehorse - Comfort Me

Yay! I'm back! I plan on posting more.. RL stuff kinda got in the way for awhile but hopefully that's settled now . Here's a quickie (and timely) post just to get started again. As I am sure you all know, OMGWTF of This Is A Fawn and Radio Signals have set up an amazing skybox filled with incredible one of a kind items, the proceeds of which all go to the Haiti Red Cross fund. please, it's such a small thing, but with so many of us, we can give something so substantial to people in need. The shirt I'm wearing is Reek's addition to the effort, and is one of 4 patterns for 75L ea. I plan on getting all four, as well as many other amazing items.

Haiti Relief Skybox

autumn boots (red) - 250L/colour (BONUS!!!!! the navy colour is his SAH contribution)
i heart themes belt -  250L
haiti relief shirt  - 75L/style

zebra jeans (no longer available)

thermal shirt (dark grey) - 50L/colour

pillow skin - 0L (former group gift)

kookie (currently closed for refurb):
Katie hair (antique grey) - part former 50L Fri offering

First two poses are from (pda) and the last is from akai. All shots were taken @ Reek's mainstore