Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gypsy Soul Loverliness...

This will be a relatively short post, for me, as I am exhausted and have a gazillion things to do! I just had to blog this though - the romantically simple new outfit from ~Gypsy Soul~. I was so surprised to log in the other day and see a message from Solitude Hermit, and this lovely ensemble! What a gracious designer.. I can't get over the detailing in the shirt and poofy cuffs, and I think the sculpty cuffs on the jeans may be my favourites in Second Life, soft and slouchy and very natural looking. Not to mention the texture and the very natural rise, flattering and feminine without being overtly sexual, ie. "here's my cooch y'all".

Solitude shows all of the same precision and care with all of her creations, and many of the textures, if not all, are hand drawn. I can't say enough good things about this relatively new label!

I knew instantly that I had to wear the soft ETD hair I've blogged about previously, and the caLLie cLine group gift flats are just the PERFECT match in tone and colour for the outfit. I paired it with a simple bead necklace from Shiny Things @ the Gnubie Store (1L) and the POE gift earrings also mentioned in earlier posts.

Thank you again to Solitude, and please patronise her store, as her work is well affordable (ranging from 150L for select separates to 350L for entire outfits) and just beautiful!

All of my shots here were taken at the Wintergarden Of Dreams sim - maybe one of my favourite winter sims, along with ~silentsparrow~'s and the Magic of Oz - aside from the last which was taken waiting for the lucky chair at Sn@tch..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Long Overdue Organisation!!!

YES!! I have finally gotten around to doing a blog about the dreaded inventory cleanup - mostly because I'm in the middle of it myself. I'm long overdue for a massive purging of my inventory, but for now, I've at least placed them in their folders for later slash and burn. I've also included a bit at the end about my new 'do and the outfit which I may never take off!! With pictures so y'all don't get bored. I've taken most of my pics at the Firefly Cafe - my favourite venue for live indie music. It is beautiful, and everyone is so welcoming! I popped in to have some quiet time listening to my favourite music feed in SL, and some much needed closet cleaning.

I'll start off with what should be your first step - planning your system. Now, you need to figure out what order is important for you, and will be the most user-friendly. For me, I've found that I like to have all my actual clothing items in one file, and made other main files for hair, shoes, jewelry/accessories, etc. (click on the following pics to get the larger size)

So to explain my pics - you'll notice that I have different symbols in front of my major categories. This is an important tip to help keep those folders on top - and they look pretty. *grin* I also wanted to point out the Full Outfits folders, I have a bunch of preloaded outfits in there - shape hair skin etc, and titled them with names that I'll remember just by looking at them - or, you can do what a friend of mine has suggested, which is to slip a pic of yourself in the outfit in each folder.

I keep all of my assorted items together in generic folders such as "Tops", "jackets/Coats" etc, and then have folders containing my favourite labels that I own a lot of clothing from beneath them. Within the generic folders, I've even broken it down further, according to type. For instance, I am majorly addicted to hoodies, so I created a hoodies subfolder, and all my hoodies go in there, no matter the designer, so I can find them quicksnap.

I've followed this template for pretty much all of my folders, aside from the hair folder, which is organised by designers, then individual pieces that I love. A good tip to cut down on your closet explosion is to delete all the hair colours from the fatpacks that you know you'll never use. I found that in by doing this, I slashed HUNDREDS of items from my totals. I'm actually do for another purging of the hair folder soon.

My biggest tip is this - be ruthless. If it is an item that you have not used in awhile, and probably won't again, because your taste has changed, or upon looking at it again, it's not really the quality item you remember being thrilled with? CHUCK it. And trust me - the quality thing happens often, esp as designers grow and hone their craft. I still have clothing from designers I love *coughs Sh*t Happens.. Sn@tch..silentsparrow* that I've had from my first days in SL - and I don't think I'll throw them out, just because even in their infancy those women had skillz.

That is essentially all I can think of for now. It feels weird showing screen shots of my inventory! Very nakey feeling.. But I hope I've helped at least someone, and I'm sure CC will be dragging me over to her place soon to help clean her closet. I think it's pretty bad...

Now for the outfit!!! First I got my hair did @ Junwave - and it was only 80L! It comes in multiple colour combos and solids, so you're bound to find one you can't resist.

I've also got on a new favourite sweater from ~silentsparrow~ - the *snug* sweater - 125L ea, in multiple colour choice with safety pin closures and - get this - two patches that attach to your back and the bottom hem, and they are texture change!!!! I'm not wearing the back one, as I wanted to wear my Fluky hood underneath (on sale for 1L. I can't believe they are closing. It kills me. Really.) I've also got on Random leggings (0L), amplify hairclip from the candycane hunt (1L i think),magi take shop socks (10L for the fatpack of 6), and shorts from Sin & Secrets Xmas Gift (0L - I wear all of the pieces of this simple outfit in so many ways. I think the socks are some of my fave socks ever). Onto the pics!

This is all the choices of textures in the patches. How cute are they??? I love Hya..

(Just as I was finishing up the pics for this, my friend Meta popped in and took some awesome snaps of the venue, and probably some pretty silly ones of myself. I am truly dorkilicious. Here's the link if you wanna see his shots http://azureconfines.blogspot.com/)

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Visual Haiku

I met the ever so sweet and adorable, Radio Signals at her main store. I logged in and was told to follow Jenniewren's tp stat....dressed in black. I was amazed at the simple yet very artistically beautiful sim that is scribble.

We played photo shoot, as we always do. which really isn't far off from my real life. I always have my camera in hand! capturing life is what I enjoy, so why not capture my 2nd life as well.
In the midst of our falling in love with the sim Radio herself showed up and what a doll she is. from her hair to her skin and of course the amazing clothes you just wanna get to know this girl. She was so sweet and invited us to the fashion show which she said would not be like the typical show with a runway and boy was she right.

When I landed at the Garden ( which btw will be available to go through for a week) I thought perhaps I landed in a Dr. Seuss type book, the colors and shapes of everything around me was magical. I was instructed to hit play on my video which I promptly did and I got chills just watching. What I saw was someone with great artistic talent showing their skills through pixel fashion....ok the song that was with it helped give me the chills. (note to self: ask Radio what song that is, as a former dj, you'd think I would know).

As Jennie stated below, the sim is basically black and white but there are splashes of color, well the garden was no different. Filled with whimsical trees and plants there were splashes of color and in each color section had a coordinated model for that area, with the most ultra cute poses, twirling about displaying the true art that was their clothes, hair and skin. I strolled around running into a few old friends....for sl being such a huge place, it really is a small (virtual) world.

I was lucky enough to attend which meant a nice little gift given(see pics below). I received a skin, a bubble and a cute potted plant. I would have loved to stay and had a little interview with Radio, but real life called me away but I am very curious about this girl. I want to know what inspires her to create the pieces she makes.

I say get your little pixel bottoms on over to Scribble, pick up some clothes or heck if you want to decorate your own little virtual land, swing on by the little gift shop there and you can have your own mini scribble. I know its just a place we log into but there are people in Second Life that have true talent and I for one think its great to be able to walk around with my sexy walk wearing a beautiful creation.
What was in my shwag bag you ask?....
1. YAY! I get to be cool like Radio and her pals with this greyscale skin!! sooo cute.
2. check me out...I'm bubble girl!
3. A plant for our happy home!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"I Go Out Walking... After Midnight.."

I spent nearly the entire day (night?) at a new beloved sim of mine called Scribble.. The whole time that song was running through my head.. AND I was playing with an awesome new toy I found for free at Burt Laundry (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Omotesando/134/221/32)
It's a Polaroid HUD!! You simply wear it, and place it, and your camera shot, where you want it to be, click change the Polaroid til you get your favourite texture and VOILA!! instant pictures! (no shaking required..).My favourite textures are the black ones, but there are at about six other textures to choose from, and they're all cute!

Back to the sim loverliness.. the whole sim is a mainstore for Scribble (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Scribble/69/28/2%3Cbr%20/%3E), whose clothing and fun things are a source of joy for me. Set in monochromatic black and white with pops of colour, i just knew it was the perfect place to play, and do a photo shoot..

Fleeing in fear after the tree's inhabitant startled me when while I was setting up a shot.

Hmmm I think I lost this round before I even started...

Ordering a Black and Tan at the Black Sheep Cafe

Waiting for someone to come play... Isn't anybody awake?

Hanging with the local licorice kids.. nice folks, but not too talkative!

CC showed up just in time to see me chatting with the licorice kids ad couldn't help giggling, as she was fairly certain I was talking to myself.

Soon after CC tp'd in to play, we ran into the designer. Radio Signals. She was very gracious and sweet, but extremely busy preparing for a fashion show at a temporary garden she had built. (CC was our go to gal on that, and will be blogging about that next) Even though she had to run around and prep, she did take a moment out to chat and giggle with us, and give us a sneak peek of the creations she'd be debuting at the show later..

This jacket is called the Cozy Pullover (300L ea/900 fatpack ), and Radio is displaying the olive tone, paired with her bloomers (125L ea/325L fatpack). Her incredible, so fey hair is called Garden, and comes in so many colours (100L ea/1500 fatpack) Me WANT!!
She was also kind enough to display some lovely new skins by Animus, in the awesome greyscale tone, which I believe was given out to the attendees of the fashion show. I didn't get to go (cos the hub dragged me out of the house *cries*) but hopefully CC picked up a copy and will show it *pouts and kicks the dirt* Oh and I'm stupid and forgot to copy all of the information she told us about these skins, but I'll get the 411 asap.

I hope CC got some better shots so you can actually VIEW the skin, but I love these.. Doesn't Radio just look so beautiful!
OH - and my outfit cost in total 1L and is as follows:
Hair/hat: Beauty Salon Cri-cri http://slurl.com/secondlife/uemachi/86/79/29 0L
Jacket: Nylon Outfitters http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tableau/150/36/2 (older freeb)
Pants/Plaid Shirt: Ray Skin http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pet%20Village%20South/213/143/31 (from the Start Your Day set 1L)
Boots: Sentou Yousei (battle fairy) http://slurl.com/secondlife/Stumbleine/124/167/75 (Lucky Chair of wonder ^-^)

Monday, January 12, 2009

More Happy Distractions..

So yet another non-inventory sorting blog.. ahh procrasination is grand! But really, when I was invited to Meta's "Azure Aperture Soiree" club opening for the swanky Blue Room, I just couldn't resist dragging along my gal pal Cecee Losangeles and dancing to some of DJ Niko's tunes of awesomeness! I took mostly action shots.. when I remembered to! CC and I tend to um.. talk alot.. *grin*

I just love this club.. it really is so unique and beautiful! I grabbed CC in the midst of digging thru her inventory, but she definitely is rocking the cootie mask! She's wearing an awesome pirate girl outfit from BareRose called "Black Mist" - lookin damned schmexy! I've got on my current two obesessions - Sht*t Happens Zebra jeans and ~silentsparrow~'s Ryou group gift. My hair is from Rock Candy - given out to group members.

Behind me you can see Rance - requester of 80s classics that are still entrenched in my skull. I'm currently listening to the Streets in an attempt to dislodge them.

The boy does not dance. He just does not dance. Unfathomable.. But aren't WE cute???
This is our dapper host Meta Constantine.. and look at the incredible surroundings! I love the colours in this shot... You can see my friend Eeka on the left, and she just couldn't stay away. I missed her!!!!

Here's a closeup of the modifications he made to wings from [OMFG} - who by the way are having an entire makeover of the store - everything is going to be 1L or free, and this is quality merchandise by a very talented designer. Meta did such a great job redoing these, that I cammed them for a good protion of the night.

It was such a fun night, and something neither CC nor I hadn't done in a long time. I'm so thankful that Meta gave the invite.. From what I understand the party went on until well after 2:45am - and included a surprise wedding officiated over by the host!! Not sure how that happened, but if that's how they roll during their bashes, I'm so in on the next one!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sim Restart Randomnesssss

So I fully intended to blog about inventory sorting tips etc. While I was at my favourite sandbox/dressing rooms, trying on items and getting ready to take screenshots of my inventory system for y'all, the sim owner announced she was about to restart - well I had 30 secs to get the heck outta there, so I just kept on what I was wearing, and tp'd to another favourite dressing room - only to have the same thing happen just as I landed. I then spent the next five minutes hopping from sim to sim attempting to avoid the rolling restart. Finally I was able to breathe, and actually look at what I was wearing. It was quirky, and seemed a weird mashup at first, but then it started to really grow on me, and I loved it! I kept it on for the rest of the day, and visited more than a few sims, and even hung out with my chica CC, and then my best friend while he was working on a project. Sometimes the best outfits do just happen by mistake! Onto the loverliness!!

In this outfit, I am wearing a new group gift given out by *Thimbles*, and also to the Starlust group. I am so fond of this babydoll tunic! So many amazing details I'll display as I go. I love this label's work, and have a folder full of favourite things that are all from *Thimbles*

I also have on Sh*t Happens Zebra print jeans. Now I've spoken of this label before, and this won't be the last time, by any means. These jeans are a dollarbie given out at her new mainstore in Horst (part of the Starlust collection of sims and the location of most of these pics). She has a bunch of other dollarbies there as well, and says she will be giving an exclusive dollarbie out with each new release she puts out. This is a label to patronise for both their gifts and their regular, fairly priced items. I know that her clothing and accessories tend to find their way into nearly every outfit I wear.

Look at the detailing on both of these pieces! The tunic's flexi ribbon ties and peekaboo back are just so flirty and simple, as are the pretty cap sleeves. And as always, I love Sh*t Happens jeans. ALl hand drawn, with subtle detailing, and a cut that just looks so, well me!

Not to say "Hey! Look at my butt" but hey, look at my butt!

With this I am wearing the "Attention wh0re" crown freebie from *amplify and a hair gift that I got at the Creator's Pavilion Winter Sale from *mikan, as well as earrings from the ETD 30L sale, Aitui Arm Tubes in Shadow, and gloves from somewhere in my travels. I tried to check the creator, but apparently whatever label I got them from no longer exists LOL. All in all this entire outfit cost 81L as my eyes, which I never change, are from Pulse's new line called Avanti and were on sale for 50L (My tattoos are from moloko and I don't consider them a purchase as they were a gift ^-^).

Now onto pics from my excursions!

Outside !Rebel Xtravaganza!'s mainstore in Osaka

Being a build groupie @ my friend's project site ^-^

And finally hanging out @ DillyDolls in their camping.. um booth? For a set of soooo cute skirts!

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Wren's Day @ ~silent sparrow~..

Hiho all ^-^ This post is about the day I spent in Hya's newly redone sim - it's chock full of wintery loverliness, and constantly has new little surprises and secret corners.. Silent Sparrow and Calico Ingmann have always had the most incredible sim, and this does not disappoint. AND if you happen to be a current member of the group, Hya sent out a birthday/happy winter gift to all her twittery birds. Decidedly Hobbit-like of Hya, to give gifts on her birthday!

I started out the day just exploring in this not quite ready for the outdoors outfit.. The beautiful tunic is a lucky chair gift from Rahz, with leggings from Random, and my favourite argyles in black from Sn@tch. The hair is a gift given to DejaVu's group, which was originally a two-tone blonde, that I tinted the perfect brunette.

JW's Tips For SL Beauty No. 2: Learn how to alter your clothing. The edit option is your friend! In this case, I stood on a pose stand (very important to make sure you do not shift around during the fitting/recolouring process), and right-click Edit on the hair. I chose the texture option. Mind, many designers block this option, which is well within their right to do so, but if they allow this option? USE IT!! on the lower section of the edit window you will see 2 options, texture and colour. DO NOT touch the texture option as this will screw up your hair irrevocably. Click on the tint box and a colour menu will pop up. Simply choose the tint and saturation point you wish to use with the sliders, hit select and voila, instantly customised hair! This works for jewelry, and shoes, and any prim attachment with the proper permissions. Wrenling actually mentioned in her post about how she tints her sparrow earrings to match her outfits. This is my secret way to look different from everyone else using the same pool of freebs *grin*

After a bit of preening, and flouncing around the sim, I skived off to a sandbox to open our gifties and try on the silent sparrow marvelousness. There are two basic outfits inside, one for girls and one for boys - or girls ^-^. I adooooore both of these! I'm modelling the Ryou suit here, girlified. It is Wren's *heehee* suit version of the Suzme birdie outfit *le pant, le sigh*

Enough with the talky-talky... on with the pictures!! (Look at her amazing details - she just makes me squeeeeee with joy)

You've noticed the sweet little candy heart in my mouth by now.. It says "Eat Me" and is one of a gazillion group gifts from Sanura. Trust me... this is a group to be in! And definitely a jewelry designer to spend your lindens on. She prices her astoundingly small-primmed lovelies so fairly, that you will leave her shop with bags loaded! I've never been one for the whole food fad thing that is sweeping through SL, but this was so dainty, and a little saucy, it was irresistible!

My next post will be all about the best inventory sorting tips I can provide... And I'll be starting a series of blogs covering SL fashion for you boyos!