Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Long Overdue Organisation!!!

YES!! I have finally gotten around to doing a blog about the dreaded inventory cleanup - mostly because I'm in the middle of it myself. I'm long overdue for a massive purging of my inventory, but for now, I've at least placed them in their folders for later slash and burn. I've also included a bit at the end about my new 'do and the outfit which I may never take off!! With pictures so y'all don't get bored. I've taken most of my pics at the Firefly Cafe - my favourite venue for live indie music. It is beautiful, and everyone is so welcoming! I popped in to have some quiet time listening to my favourite music feed in SL, and some much needed closet cleaning.

I'll start off with what should be your first step - planning your system. Now, you need to figure out what order is important for you, and will be the most user-friendly. For me, I've found that I like to have all my actual clothing items in one file, and made other main files for hair, shoes, jewelry/accessories, etc. (click on the following pics to get the larger size)

So to explain my pics - you'll notice that I have different symbols in front of my major categories. This is an important tip to help keep those folders on top - and they look pretty. *grin* I also wanted to point out the Full Outfits folders, I have a bunch of preloaded outfits in there - shape hair skin etc, and titled them with names that I'll remember just by looking at them - or, you can do what a friend of mine has suggested, which is to slip a pic of yourself in the outfit in each folder.

I keep all of my assorted items together in generic folders such as "Tops", "jackets/Coats" etc, and then have folders containing my favourite labels that I own a lot of clothing from beneath them. Within the generic folders, I've even broken it down further, according to type. For instance, I am majorly addicted to hoodies, so I created a hoodies subfolder, and all my hoodies go in there, no matter the designer, so I can find them quicksnap.

I've followed this template for pretty much all of my folders, aside from the hair folder, which is organised by designers, then individual pieces that I love. A good tip to cut down on your closet explosion is to delete all the hair colours from the fatpacks that you know you'll never use. I found that in by doing this, I slashed HUNDREDS of items from my totals. I'm actually do for another purging of the hair folder soon.

My biggest tip is this - be ruthless. If it is an item that you have not used in awhile, and probably won't again, because your taste has changed, or upon looking at it again, it's not really the quality item you remember being thrilled with? CHUCK it. And trust me - the quality thing happens often, esp as designers grow and hone their craft. I still have clothing from designers I love *coughs Sh*t Happens.. Sn@tch..silentsparrow* that I've had from my first days in SL - and I don't think I'll throw them out, just because even in their infancy those women had skillz.

That is essentially all I can think of for now. It feels weird showing screen shots of my inventory! Very nakey feeling.. But I hope I've helped at least someone, and I'm sure CC will be dragging me over to her place soon to help clean her closet. I think it's pretty bad...

Now for the outfit!!! First I got my hair did @ Junwave - and it was only 80L! It comes in multiple colour combos and solids, so you're bound to find one you can't resist.

I've also got on a new favourite sweater from ~silentsparrow~ - the *snug* sweater - 125L ea, in multiple colour choice with safety pin closures and - get this - two patches that attach to your back and the bottom hem, and they are texture change!!!! I'm not wearing the back one, as I wanted to wear my Fluky hood underneath (on sale for 1L. I can't believe they are closing. It kills me. Really.) I've also got on Random leggings (0L), amplify hairclip from the candycane hunt (1L i think),magi take shop socks (10L for the fatpack of 6), and shorts from Sin & Secrets Xmas Gift (0L - I wear all of the pieces of this simple outfit in so many ways. I think the socks are some of my fave socks ever). Onto the pics!

This is all the choices of textures in the patches. How cute are they??? I love Hya..

(Just as I was finishing up the pics for this, my friend Meta popped in and took some awesome snaps of the venue, and probably some pretty silly ones of myself. I am truly dorkilicious. Here's the link if you wanna see his shots


  1. I don't think a single pic I took of you qualified as "dorky" even the gang sign you threw up lined up well with your eyes from the angle at which I took it. I'll be posting those pics in the next 48 to be sure, if not sooner.

    On the topic of inventory organization I've found a kindred spirit in you, my dear. A rather cruel ex-associate on here used to laugh at my constant inventory maintenance and need to immediately put on recently purchased wardrobe and file it away. In the long run keeping categories specific and having a few specific "dumps" for things I don't use as often or wouldn't use under any normal circumstance has served to alleviate a lot of headaches and as it stands, being a fairly nOO av. here in SL at around 13 K items I could change once a day every day for 4 months and never wear the same thing twice, changing in mere seconds, so in that bit I feel a small degree of success. Thanks for validating my type-A tendencies.

  2. Great inventory sorting tips! I truly appreciate your work. LOL to Meta's comment :) I agree with a lot of it. :) This is my first time visiting your blog and I will be returning often.

  3. awww yay!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it Beryl! Thanks for reading.. and I hope to see you round more ^-^

    And Meta.. I'm just glad to know I'm not alone - though oddly enough my OCD doesnt stretch into my RL.. awful disorganised writer that I am *grin*