Friday, January 16, 2009

A Visual Haiku

I met the ever so sweet and adorable, Radio Signals at her main store. I logged in and was told to follow Jenniewren's tp stat....dressed in black. I was amazed at the simple yet very artistically beautiful sim that is scribble.

We played photo shoot, as we always do. which really isn't far off from my real life. I always have my camera in hand! capturing life is what I enjoy, so why not capture my 2nd life as well.
In the midst of our falling in love with the sim Radio herself showed up and what a doll she is. from her hair to her skin and of course the amazing clothes you just wanna get to know this girl. She was so sweet and invited us to the fashion show which she said would not be like the typical show with a runway and boy was she right.

When I landed at the Garden ( which btw will be available to go through for a week) I thought perhaps I landed in a Dr. Seuss type book, the colors and shapes of everything around me was magical. I was instructed to hit play on my video which I promptly did and I got chills just watching. What I saw was someone with great artistic talent showing their skills through pixel fashion....ok the song that was with it helped give me the chills. (note to self: ask Radio what song that is, as a former dj, you'd think I would know).

As Jennie stated below, the sim is basically black and white but there are splashes of color, well the garden was no different. Filled with whimsical trees and plants there were splashes of color and in each color section had a coordinated model for that area, with the most ultra cute poses, twirling about displaying the true art that was their clothes, hair and skin. I strolled around running into a few old friends....for sl being such a huge place, it really is a small (virtual) world.

I was lucky enough to attend which meant a nice little gift given(see pics below). I received a skin, a bubble and a cute potted plant. I would have loved to stay and had a little interview with Radio, but real life called me away but I am very curious about this girl. I want to know what inspires her to create the pieces she makes.

I say get your little pixel bottoms on over to Scribble, pick up some clothes or heck if you want to decorate your own little virtual land, swing on by the little gift shop there and you can have your own mini scribble. I know its just a place we log into but there are people in Second Life that have true talent and I for one think its great to be able to walk around with my sexy walk wearing a beautiful creation.
What was in my shwag bag you ask?....
1. YAY! I get to be cool like Radio and her pals with this greyscale skin!! sooo cute.
2. check me out...I'm bubble girl!
3. A plant for our happy home!

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  1. I'm very much diggin' the grey scale skin. Can you imagine if someone could animate a transparent prim to generate scratchy horizontal lines to move around you, like you see in the old black and whites pictures? It's 2nd life, someone's had to have done something like this, right?