Thursday, January 15, 2009

"I Go Out Walking... After Midnight.."

I spent nearly the entire day (night?) at a new beloved sim of mine called Scribble.. The whole time that song was running through my head.. AND I was playing with an awesome new toy I found for free at Burt Laundry (
It's a Polaroid HUD!! You simply wear it, and place it, and your camera shot, where you want it to be, click change the Polaroid til you get your favourite texture and VOILA!! instant pictures! (no shaking required..).My favourite textures are the black ones, but there are at about six other textures to choose from, and they're all cute!

Back to the sim loverliness.. the whole sim is a mainstore for Scribble (, whose clothing and fun things are a source of joy for me. Set in monochromatic black and white with pops of colour, i just knew it was the perfect place to play, and do a photo shoot..

Fleeing in fear after the tree's inhabitant startled me when while I was setting up a shot.

Hmmm I think I lost this round before I even started...

Ordering a Black and Tan at the Black Sheep Cafe

Waiting for someone to come play... Isn't anybody awake?

Hanging with the local licorice kids.. nice folks, but not too talkative!

CC showed up just in time to see me chatting with the licorice kids ad couldn't help giggling, as she was fairly certain I was talking to myself.

Soon after CC tp'd in to play, we ran into the designer. Radio Signals. She was very gracious and sweet, but extremely busy preparing for a fashion show at a temporary garden she had built. (CC was our go to gal on that, and will be blogging about that next) Even though she had to run around and prep, she did take a moment out to chat and giggle with us, and give us a sneak peek of the creations she'd be debuting at the show later..

This jacket is called the Cozy Pullover (300L ea/900 fatpack ), and Radio is displaying the olive tone, paired with her bloomers (125L ea/325L fatpack). Her incredible, so fey hair is called Garden, and comes in so many colours (100L ea/1500 fatpack) Me WANT!!
She was also kind enough to display some lovely new skins by Animus, in the awesome greyscale tone, which I believe was given out to the attendees of the fashion show. I didn't get to go (cos the hub dragged me out of the house *cries*) but hopefully CC picked up a copy and will show it *pouts and kicks the dirt* Oh and I'm stupid and forgot to copy all of the information she told us about these skins, but I'll get the 411 asap.

I hope CC got some better shots so you can actually VIEW the skin, but I love these.. Doesn't Radio just look so beautiful!
OH - and my outfit cost in total 1L and is as follows:
Hair/hat: Beauty Salon Cri-cri 0L
Jacket: Nylon Outfitters (older freeb)
Pants/Plaid Shirt: Ray Skin (from the Start Your Day set 1L)
Boots: Sentou Yousei (battle fairy) (Lucky Chair of wonder ^-^)

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  1. Wow, you really gave me much reading to catch up on, I really must get one of these polaroid filters next time we hang, way to kitsch to pass up, I'd say. This sim looks very Burtonesque and fun, need to go check it out, for sure.