Friday, November 20, 2009

empty houses

Song For This Post:  Empty Houses by Leerone

This is going to be a very quick one with lots of pictures *grin* All shots were taken at the Drowsy Autumn Carnival.. and the song is one that haunts me and so seemed to fit the eerie feel Drowsy always contains.

Outfit Details:

i love 13 - springtime deer antlers (0L group gift)
OhMai - Lippin Denim Tunic (0L Sunny Sim Trick or Treat Hunt)
Elate! - Tuli sweater in Burnt Orange (new item)
Miel - Lo Refurbished Socks  (0L group gift)
W&Y - Bunny Hop Hair Gift (0L)
irEn - Shane Nude skin (0Lgroup gift)
Plastik - Jerusalem eyes in BlueBrown (in the 1L Nov Gift pack)

Standing poses are from (pda) and Lazy Places, respectively.
 Here's some more pictures .. just cos i couldn't resist taking them.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

pick up the phone.

Song For This Post - Dragonette - Pick Up The Phone

Here's two looks - presented quick quick cos i'm on the run - again - but i felt bad neglecting the blog as much as i have. *winces* Anyhooples, both looks have the lessthanthree Phoebe group gift skin in Summer. It's been rainy, cold, and melancholic around here, and these looks made me feel warm and happy.

Details for this look:

diapop - mijn trui sweater (1L limited time offer)

A.Y.Y. - Vigoss Jeans (0L prev hunt gift)

LaynieWear - Buttondown Top (0L prev hunt gift)

HCT - Raina hair (5L prev Unicef offering)

rbcg - WTF glasses (0L limited offer instore gift)

lessthanthree -Phoebe skin in summer (group gift skin)

In Her Shoes - Warm Winter Boots (0L - as is everything in the shoe shop O.o)

Up next we have a look I may never ever take off -

I feel playful and warm and like someone should just scoop me up and put me in their pocketses already!

(vive9) - Moody Autumn Shawl (0L Instore Giftbag)

Sh*t Happens - Buttoned Sweaties (no longer available)

Split Pea - Sugar Lick Me Up headdress (0L prev hunt gift)

@Waffles Fargo Drinks Champagne (200L/3 colour pk)

Thimbles - OMGWFT is this sweater, Miso Moose Longsleeve tee, Green Plaid Skirt (with prim part detached)

Tyranny - Nerd F*cker flats (0L part of SOS hunt gift)

[LAP] - all stand poses
Creamshop -

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

better things.

Song For This Post: Better Things - Bouncing Souls

Super lightning fast quick one as I am RUNNING out the door to get ready for the Bouncing Souls show tonight. I am waaaay excited. One of my ultimate bands, they rarely come to Vancouver, and I am FREAKING!! Here's a happy song that maybe doesn't go with my feyling outfit, but tough titties as they say. Enjoy, loves!

[LAP] poses - female bloggers pack
red Queen - Angst Hair in Platinum/Blonde (0L group gift)

slow kitchen - green wanpi (0L former energy green island camp gift)

tarnished - bonbon socks (15L ea/75L/fatpk)

Gritty Kitty - Hoot bag (150L/colour)

amaama indian boots (0L former lucky board gift, now 170L/colour)

(vive9) - Aerin Daybreak Darkbrow in pale (0L special opening gift)
The Plastik - Malon eyes (1L part of Elliott Bridge gift I think)

all poses by [LAP] and taken @ Where The Wild Things Are

where the wild things are -

amaama (new shoes in lucky board!!!) -

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

out of the woods.

So this outfit is inspired by both the gorgeous Nickel Creek song I have running through my head, and by Clawtooth By Clawtooth's recent Halloween release of Pink Champagne hair in Softest Black (75L for a 2pk of colours, 4 styles of hair to choose from). I love the romantic soft dreaminess of this hair. I knew I needed an equally soft, romantic, vaguely 20s inspired headband, and when I slipped on the Rozen Maiden Headdress from Tarnished (oL Hunt Gift, tho I cannot remember which for the life of me.. perhaps the Twisted Hunt?), it was perfect.

The skin I am wearing in another Phoebe Skin from lessthanthree, Makeup 01. Softly coloured, it just fit the mood of the outfit I wanted. These go for 600L/skin, and you get a bald base or a hair base option, as well as special Phoebe Cates inspired eyes, with each makeup. You can also buy the fatpack for 4000L, which might seem like a lot, but she includes the 6 skins she released to her group memebers, never to be given out again, so you get an incredible deal! Plus, you can purchase these at the Skin Fair, and 50% of the proceeds go to breast cancer research.

The rest of my outfit is comprised of Decoy's hooded blazer (0L/fatpack for a limited time), OhMai's Hi Rise tank (5L/colourpk), Humming's wool check skirt (1L), Kneesocks Mit Suspenders from Pig Shop (75L), and 50 Flat's Moss Wool Flap Flats (0L in store gift). I love this whole outfit. It is exactly what I'd love to wear on those Fall days that are just crisp enough to wear layers, but warm enough that they aren't heavy ones.

All poses are by (pda) and these shots were taken @ Cutie Land, which has been given a gorgeous Autumn makeover. Go check it out!

Cutie Land -
Clawtooth by Clawtooth -
lessthanthree -

Monday, October 5, 2009

rainy day.

Autumn in Vancouver often involves many days of rain. Granted, this year, we seem to be extraordinarily blessed with sunny days, which is far more like the coppery gold New England autumns I've been craving lately. I know, I should shut up about that, but I'm feeling homesick, which isn't bad considering I've only been here 5 years!

My outfit is comprised of pieces that you all need to run and snap up NOW!! Especially the items from Decoy, as they are having a special sale til Oct. 12th. Basically, everything in the store is 50% off, with select items (FATPACKS!!) for 0L. Just wow. The items are all so well textured, with no fault in the detailing that I could find. And the hair she offers is just gorgeous. Please stop in, snap up her gifts, but also get some of her incredible sale items as well - which will include sale only exclusive colours. The decoy items I am wearing here are as follows:

Inferno 88 jeans - 0L ea/all colours
Nicole hair - 0L/all colour packs
Jully boots - 0L/fatpack

The skin I am sporting is a recent Dutch Touch subscribo group gift, which I don't think is available anymore, but join up anyways! You'll be all set for the next gift/special sale that is sure to come up. My gorgeous jacket comes from OhMai, and honestly, I want to buy these in all the colours. As soon as I find a way to sell a pixel kidney or somethingat any rate, so I can afford to buy everything Anya puts out. I love her clothes and hair sooo much. Under OhMai's Hamilton Military jacket (150L/colour), I slipped on the Piddidle No More Tears Today shirt (0L group gift I THINK - I forget now >.<).

All poses are from [LAP] and were taken @ Rainytown, CreamShop's mainstore sim, with the exception of the last shot, which was taken @ the Mudhoney stall in the BlackMarket, with the sit pose included in the bench.

Rainytown -

[Decoy] -

!OhMai -

the woods.

So, this is the post I was intending on doing when my modem went kaputski.. The hair may no longer be available, and if not, I apologise mightily! It's an incredibly detailed cap/hair combo from Waka & Yuki (0L instore Fall Gift).

The wicked coat is from Maschienwerk - a store I've blogged about before. This Navy Pea Coat is 0L (as is everything else at this location) and is completely resizable, so both sexes can wear it comfortably. The scarf is a gift from last year's Halloween by G Field, and the jeans are from The Plastik (Skinnah Halftone in Inertia - 0L former group gift). The boots are by J's (3way engineer boots 400L/colour).

This skin is one I've previously blogged, from lessthanthree - part of the Phoebe preview group gifts Nykki lavished upon us. I love the light dusitng of freckles across the nose this Summer makeup has. She is selling her Phoebe line of skins @ the skin fair, so please, pop in and see how unique her skins are.

The poses come from MNK, and all pictures were taken at the gorgeous Magic of Oz sim - home to the namy memorably creative hunts we have all loved (and look forward to attending again!).

Saturday, October 3, 2009

all is love.

So, yeah my modem COMPLETELY melted down and after a truly annoying back and forth with my provider, I am back up and running. With this post of awesome *grin*. Yes, I have caught the fever.. because I have been listening to Karen O and The Kids' "Where The Wild Things Are" soundtrack. Pretty close to nonstop.

First - I have on the awesome group gift hair from Tarnished - Wild One. There is another version in store for sale that I will blog as soon as I can snap it up. With it I have the "Just Hope" hoodie (sans hood >.<) and jeans outfit from Tyranny Designs (400L for the full outfit w/sceptre/300L for just the hoodie/sceptre). It is quite possible that these may be my favourite new jeans. I may wear them until their pixels rot off my bod.

My skin is from Rockberry - Sasha w/freckles (300L for 4 skins - w/ or w/out freckles and tintable lip skins for both). I looooove this skin, and I know a version was given out as a group gift aaaaages ago, but I missed that boat.

All poses come from (pda), and I took these snaps in a sim I just discovered (aptly enough) called Where The Wild Things Are. It is incredible, and a place I can't wait to explore more! Stomping around, growling ferociously and waving round my sceptre, of course.

where the wild things are -
tyranny designs -
tarnished -
rockberry -

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the blower's daughter.

Song For This Post -

This post is another fast one about two amazing finds I made today which are PERFECT for Halloween, or any day, should you be so inclined. One is due to Beanie's blog *hooks a thumb at my bloglist*; this gorgeous group gift from *Kiitos!. It's instore, along with the above pose. Intricate texturing and softness.. this will be a definite fave of mine for sure.

Next is this skin I found while exploring Silent Sparrow's sim. I found Achariya's storefront for Bitter Ink, and while peeking around inside, found a box with two Starlight skin mods Ach had created (0L). This one is the "plain" one. I LOVE the ghostly, sweet details, and the lips are gorgeously kissable. Yeah. I said it. What?

Also worn is Tiny Bird's Millionaire hair (prev 50L Frio offering), last years' Halloween gift socks from WWI, prev blogged piercings from ellabella (1L modded slightly) and edge grafica's engineer boots (1L). The two close up shots were taken @ Kunstkammer's Quick Rezz Skybox area, and the others were at Wretched Hollow. The pose below came from Somatica.

bitter ink -

kiitos -

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

this is halloween.

Just a quickie to jump the gun on my 3rd fave holiday (eclipsed only by my birthday and St. Pat's). And also to squeal over {frick}'s new group gift - the maraud group gift skin and eyes in group only colours! These come in a pack with awesome Neko skins in two tones. I'm showing the peach tone here, along with the incredible Neko eyes. I love these!

The wicked piercings I have on are a just released dollarbie from ellabella, who makes some of the most gorgeous piercings I've seen. My hair is from Tiny Bird - KissyKissy (0L from the Poop Hunt). The horns and wings are from Uncle Wiggily, which, very sadly, no longer exists.

My outfit is pieces from Sn@ tch; the Libertine outfit (50L during a long ago Riot Vend session). Still available, and at a reasonable price (I want to say 250L but I'm not certain anymore). These were the first proper bloomers I saw in SL, and I loved them from the moment I saw them. My chest tattoo is the Midnight Mania gift offered by Tarnished, one of two boards @ the Cuppycakeums sim that are not nearly frequented enough!

The first two pics are taken @ Ellabella's homestore, and use poses from my LiNe AO, and the last two feature [LAP] poses, and were taken at the eerie Wretched Hollow.

MM boards @ cuppycakeums - (click on the tp board to the deer park)
{frick} -
wretched hollow -
ellabella -

autumn almanac.

Song For This Post -

So let me just start with saying that this is a song I have been chanting for the past week. Course, it is more effective to chant when you are stomping through giant piles of crunchy fall leaves, but that's coming. "It's all PART (crunch) of my (crunch, crunch) AUTUMN (crunch) AL (crunch) MA (crunch) NAC!!!! (crunch, crunch, crunch)" Bellowing is not optional.

So, no. There is no fall background to this one because I had to much fun snapping pictures of the dance I finally buckled down and bought after my year in sl (the 25th was my rezzday!! I had no clue til the 26th haha). It's the most awesomest dance, from Sine Wave, called the Jammy Dodger. There is another one that I want to link with it, but I'm not telling you, cos it'll be my signature dance move. *flashes the pearly whites*

Onto the pretty clothes! This may be a look you'll see me sporting more and more as I love it soo much. Both the jacket and the skirt are from oyakin. The skirt is part of the group gift (0L in notices still I THINK), and the jacket is something I plan to collect in every colour (90L). The skirt is my favourite in sl right now, and I am drooling over the bright blue! Ah well, next pay period. I spent a lot, selectively, during my shopping excursions this past little bit.

With it, I am wearing the Millionaire hair from Tiny Bird (complete with tiara) that was Autmn's most recent 50L Friday offering. I LOVE the soft fluffiness of the hair, and the tiara is texture-scripted to match any outfit you can come up with. I also have on Tarnished's BonBon socks (75L/fatpack incredible steal!). The gorgeous skin is lessthanthree's phoebe 02, one of the incredible skins she will be releasing for the upcoming skin fair, and the necklace is from Boing Fromage (prev blogged).

These snaps were taken during my friend Naga's set @ Lucidity, floating high above Wretched Hollow, home to Wretched Dollies. I'll show you more of the sim in a few posts, as it is perfect for haunting fall shots.

Tarnished -
oyakin* -
sine wave -
Lucidty @ Wretched Hollow -

Thursday, September 17, 2009

my cosmic autumn rebellion.

For my next autumn look, I am showcasing lessthanthree's phoebe group gift in the summer makeup. I so love the light dusting of freckles and gently pink tinge - like the last fading of a summer sunburn. Lovely.

The gorgeous tunic and skirt I am wearing is from Oyakin - a store I am excited to see has rebuilt and even creating such new gorgeous flowy garments that I have not seen on the grid,
ethereal floating layers, including some with soft glow. You can buy them separately for 100L or so each, or together in this sweet outfit for 150L.

My accessories for this outfit are very simple, and things, for the most part, that I have had for a long time. My hair and necklace are both 50L Friday items I've previously blogged. The armwarmers are from a store called shu*shu which I am afraid seems to have disappeared. My boots are from J's (0L prev group gift), and the socks are from magi take (20L fat pack).

All poses are from MNK's Switch opening gift, and were taken at the Tempura sim. Here's 2 pics just because I think they are loverly.

oyakin* -
tempura island -
lessthanthree -