Wednesday, November 18, 2009

pick up the phone.

Song For This Post - Dragonette - Pick Up The Phone

Here's two looks - presented quick quick cos i'm on the run - again - but i felt bad neglecting the blog as much as i have. *winces* Anyhooples, both looks have the lessthanthree Phoebe group gift skin in Summer. It's been rainy, cold, and melancholic around here, and these looks made me feel warm and happy.

Details for this look:

diapop - mijn trui sweater (1L limited time offer)

A.Y.Y. - Vigoss Jeans (0L prev hunt gift)

LaynieWear - Buttondown Top (0L prev hunt gift)

HCT - Raina hair (5L prev Unicef offering)

rbcg - WTF glasses (0L limited offer instore gift)

lessthanthree -Phoebe skin in summer (group gift skin)

In Her Shoes - Warm Winter Boots (0L - as is everything in the shoe shop O.o)

Up next we have a look I may never ever take off -

I feel playful and warm and like someone should just scoop me up and put me in their pocketses already!

(vive9) - Moody Autumn Shawl (0L Instore Giftbag)

Sh*t Happens - Buttoned Sweaties (no longer available)

Split Pea - Sugar Lick Me Up headdress (0L prev hunt gift)

@Waffles Fargo Drinks Champagne (200L/3 colour pk)

Thimbles - OMGWFT is this sweater, Miso Moose Longsleeve tee, Green Plaid Skirt (with prim part detached)

Tyranny - Nerd F*cker flats (0L part of SOS hunt gift)

[LAP] - all stand poses
Creamshop -

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