Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the blower's daughter.

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This post is another fast one about two amazing finds I made today which are PERFECT for Halloween, or any day, should you be so inclined. One is due to Beanie's blog *hooks a thumb at my bloglist*; this gorgeous group gift from *Kiitos!. It's instore, along with the above pose. Intricate texturing and softness.. this will be a definite fave of mine for sure.

Next is this skin I found while exploring Silent Sparrow's sim. I found Achariya's storefront for Bitter Ink, and while peeking around inside, found a box with two Starlight skin mods Ach had created (0L). This one is the "plain" one. I LOVE the ghostly, sweet details, and the lips are gorgeously kissable. Yeah. I said it. What?

Also worn is Tiny Bird's Millionaire hair (prev 50L Frio offering), last years' Halloween gift socks from WWI, prev blogged piercings from ellabella (1L modded slightly) and edge grafica's engineer boots (1L). The two close up shots were taken @ Kunstkammer's Quick Rezz Skybox area, and the others were at Wretched Hollow. The pose below came from Somatica.

bitter ink -

kiitos -

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

this is halloween.

Just a quickie to jump the gun on my 3rd fave holiday (eclipsed only by my birthday and St. Pat's). And also to squeal over {frick}'s new group gift - the maraud group gift skin and eyes in group only colours! These come in a pack with awesome Neko skins in two tones. I'm showing the peach tone here, along with the incredible Neko eyes. I love these!

The wicked piercings I have on are a just released dollarbie from ellabella, who makes some of the most gorgeous piercings I've seen. My hair is from Tiny Bird - KissyKissy (0L from the Poop Hunt). The horns and wings are from Uncle Wiggily, which, very sadly, no longer exists.

My outfit is pieces from Sn@ tch; the Libertine outfit (50L during a long ago Riot Vend session). Still available, and at a reasonable price (I want to say 250L but I'm not certain anymore). These were the first proper bloomers I saw in SL, and I loved them from the moment I saw them. My chest tattoo is the Midnight Mania gift offered by Tarnished, one of two boards @ the Cuppycakeums sim that are not nearly frequented enough!

The first two pics are taken @ Ellabella's homestore, and use poses from my LiNe AO, and the last two feature [LAP] poses, and were taken at the eerie Wretched Hollow.

MM boards @ cuppycakeums - (click on the tp board to the deer park)
{frick} -
wretched hollow -
ellabella -

autumn almanac.

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So let me just start with saying that this is a song I have been chanting for the past week. Course, it is more effective to chant when you are stomping through giant piles of crunchy fall leaves, but that's coming. "It's all PART (crunch) of my (crunch, crunch) AUTUMN (crunch) AL (crunch) MA (crunch) NAC!!!! (crunch, crunch, crunch)" Bellowing is not optional.

So, no. There is no fall background to this one because I had to much fun snapping pictures of the dance I finally buckled down and bought after my year in sl (the 25th was my rezzday!! I had no clue til the 26th haha). It's the most awesomest dance, from Sine Wave, called the Jammy Dodger. There is another one that I want to link with it, but I'm not telling you, cos it'll be my signature dance move. *flashes the pearly whites*

Onto the pretty clothes! This may be a look you'll see me sporting more and more as I love it soo much. Both the jacket and the skirt are from oyakin. The skirt is part of the group gift (0L in notices still I THINK), and the jacket is something I plan to collect in every colour (90L). The skirt is my favourite in sl right now, and I am drooling over the bright blue! Ah well, next pay period. I spent a lot, selectively, during my shopping excursions this past little bit.

With it, I am wearing the Millionaire hair from Tiny Bird (complete with tiara) that was Autmn's most recent 50L Friday offering. I LOVE the soft fluffiness of the hair, and the tiara is texture-scripted to match any outfit you can come up with. I also have on Tarnished's BonBon socks (75L/fatpack incredible steal!). The gorgeous skin is lessthanthree's phoebe 02, one of the incredible skins she will be releasing for the upcoming skin fair, and the necklace is from Boing Fromage (prev blogged).

These snaps were taken during my friend Naga's set @ Lucidity, floating high above Wretched Hollow, home to Wretched Dollies. I'll show you more of the sim in a few posts, as it is perfect for haunting fall shots.

Tarnished -
oyakin* -
sine wave -
Lucidty @ Wretched Hollow -

Thursday, September 17, 2009

my cosmic autumn rebellion.

For my next autumn look, I am showcasing lessthanthree's phoebe group gift in the summer makeup. I so love the light dusting of freckles and gently pink tinge - like the last fading of a summer sunburn. Lovely.

The gorgeous tunic and skirt I am wearing is from Oyakin - a store I am excited to see has rebuilt and even creating such new gorgeous flowy garments that I have not seen on the grid,
ethereal floating layers, including some with soft glow. You can buy them separately for 100L or so each, or together in this sweet outfit for 150L.

My accessories for this outfit are very simple, and things, for the most part, that I have had for a long time. My hair and necklace are both 50L Friday items I've previously blogged. The armwarmers are from a store called shu*shu which I am afraid seems to have disappeared. My boots are from J's (0L prev group gift), and the socks are from magi take (20L fat pack).

All poses are from MNK's Switch opening gift, and were taken at the Tempura sim. Here's 2 pics just because I think they are loverly.

oyakin* -
tempura island -
lessthanthree -

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

autumn beds.

Autumn is my favourite time of year. I love the clothes, I love the colours.. that smell in the air. I feel the most at home during this time, more than any other season. My next few posts will involve this thene, AND all will feature one of the skins from lessthanthree's special Phoebe line. I hope I do these justice, because they are soooo lovely.

This first one is the bare, base skin. I love the softness, and Nykki's tocuh with the lips always makes me melt. No freckles, as Miss Phoebe Cates wasn't freckled, though if inspired to do so later, she MIGHT release some.

My outfit consists of the wonderful fall sweater from &bean (1L in store gift, belw the stairs), my FAVOURITE prim vest from DP yumyum (0L lucky board gift, probably not still available, but really, you never know I s'pose), and pants from Slanted Fox's now legendary 1L closing sale. I also have on leggings from Mirrors to keep out the crisp chill, and what will probably be my favourite accessory this fall - the owl necklace from Boing Fromage! There are two different kinds, but I started with this one. This particular necklace comes in four metal colours (120L). Owls (and turtles) are my thing. Maybe it's having a hippie mom who loved to macrame, but the 70s owl graphic has always been something I've been drawn to. Generally, if it has an owl (or turtle) on it, I must have it.

The hair I'm wearing is from Tiny Bird, the Art Teacher II (oL amazing fat pack hunt gift from the Poop Hunt), and the Willy Wonka bar of awesome is from Harajuku Box's Bake Sale (2L - there are two other kinds of chocolate bars as well)

The poses come from Tiny Bird (Poop Hunt exclusive) and Luth, and all shots were taken at the Albero sim. Be on the lookout for the awesome Gatcha event this weekend. pretty sure everyone will be chatting about this one - it should be a massive event.

lessthanthree -
Tiny Bird -
HBOX Bake Sale -

grey ghost.

Quick simplicity on this post, because I *think* I'll be bringing you a couple of posts today! This outfit hinged completely on This Is A Fawn's Deep Vneck. A special limited offer for Tyranny's store birthday, you can get these in a 3 pack of colours for 111L (black, teal and blood red). I love the fading on these, and hope Barb thinks about doing more variations of this theme.

The skin I am wearing is a recent Tuli group gift (250L join fee), and I love it! I also have on a previous So Kinky event gift from Glitter (0L which I tinted), Miel's awesome necklace from their past 50L Friday set.

The jeans I have on were part of the men's Fall Group Gift outfit from Rasetsukoku, which also contained a women's outfit. I LOVE these jeans and am glad to see more clothes being released by the brand. I also have on my favourite hoofies from Lazy Places, the Ungulate. Not free, but soooo worth it!

All poses are from [LAP] and were shot at the incredible new silentsparrow sim.

This Is A Fawn exclusive @ Tyranny (if still avail., it'll be in the playground) -
Rasetsukoku -
silentsparrow -
[LAP] -

Monday, September 14, 2009

skeletal blonde.

Okay so, I am not a blonde girl. It just isn't my preference, and oftentimes when I wear blonde hair in SL, I feel very not me. But lately, I have been drawn to the powder colour from lamb. I love it! I don't know what it is about the colour that I find so attractive, but, it just.. works. So I thought today, I would feature my now favourite blonde colour, along with the appropriate song. (I collect jennifer songs btw. Weird idiosyncracy, yes, but I do.)

This first look is comprised entirely of pieces from the silentsparrow (ember) Gnubie Store offering (0L for sooo many pieces!!). Hya is so generous to both new residnets and her twittery bird group members that she deserves your patrnage. Her attention to detail, and fun natured releases make everyone drool. And while yes, her outfits are geared towards the gothic, honestly, they are also very versatile when pulled apart, or worn differently.

The lamb hair I am wearing with this outfit is called Unbirthday Redux (300L/colour pack). My necklace was an awesome find I discovered last Halloween from a store called **mischievous cat**. It is a scripted watch - that tells real time and can be set to either SL time, or your own time zone. While this particular item is no longer available, there is a gorgeous ocean blue version in the lucky board that I am dying to get. Not to mention the other gorgeous pieces of jewelry and watches for both sexes.

This next outfit features the lamb hair I blogged previously as a 50L Friday item, and is how I would wear my hair irl; except, you know, not blonde >.< . With it I have on The Plastik's Addiction Hunt gift (0L - incl a sweater of the same colour as well), and leggings from Mirrors (0L previous gift I do not think is available any longer). The pose above is from (pda) and the others are either from my AO or scripted into the chairs. .

All pictures were taken at the incredible new silentsparrow build (while waiting for the lucky chair heehee). Please explore it! There are so many hidden nooks and treasures to discover.

~silentsparrow~ -
mirrors -
gnubie store -
lamb -
**mischievous cat** -

Saturday, September 12, 2009

cherish the broken ones.

Okay so I really meant to blog this Wednesday, and then have another post for yesterday, but I am currently so sick that I want to just keel over. SO I am combining them into one megapost for today. The thing is, though, they DO actually go together, and sort of give a 3 looks/one base outfit dimension to this post. Unfortunately, 50L Friday is over, so hopefully you weren't relying on my blog for the reminder *winces*. All shots were taken at The Stringer Mausoleum's eerie homestore.

The base pieces I used in this post are:

The awesome slit leggings from GiGi Couture (1L instore gift)
&bean group gift skin
Uncle Wiggily cherub horns (0L no longer available, the creator has disappeared),
Lazy Places Ungulate Boots (I forget! I bought them during a sale, that much I remember, but it was some time ago..)
i love 13 group gift tat

First Look:

This look highlights a few of my 50L Friday finds:

This Is A Fawn - Bloody Vneck

lamb - Egomaniacal Black Roots Pack

(pda) - Billy Childish pose pack (used in these two photos).

Second Look:

For this look, I am wearing:

Milk Motion's incredible My Belted Jacket (50L during the previous 50L Friday event)

The Stringer Mausoleum hair (above photo - Anenome Rocker Pack (50L/colour pack); below photo - RoosterHawk Rocker Pack (25L/colour pack)

Did you notice the CRAZY prices for TSM's hair??!! Yes, Helena is having an unbelievable sale. I don't know how long this will last, but prices range from 25L -100L, if I remember correctly. Get yourself over there NOW or you might miss out!

Third Look:

And finally, for this one, I have on:

the instore dress gift from HOTCH POTCH (0L)

Cogsmistress hair from TSM (0L Steampunk hunt gift - which is how I found out about the hair sale in the first place!)

[LAP] poses - (0L poop Hunt gifts)

These outfits were all inspired by a poem I wrote, which I've posted with the two above pics on my Flickr. The link to my photostream is on the left if you are interested in reading.

The Stringer Mausoleum:




Wednesday, September 9, 2009


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This is another quickie - Sugarcube is offering a free gift if you complete a quick survey about prim resizer scripts. Go join the subscribo, and fill out the suvey here: ( Then go to the store and click the sign. When prompted, copy and paste the code you are given from the survey and wham! New dress thankyouverymuchels.

With such a sweet, proper dress, I felt I needed to really edge it out. I stopped by &bean and discovered that she has a sale going on with her angry girl line - AND two editions of the Angry Girl skins on special for 50L. I love the beat up, yet totally like "yeah and, sucka? Imma kick you ass" yet completely angelic face. Once I had the skin, I knew I needed something really messy, really striking and different. I checked my notices for Red Queen just to see the new releases and found this awesome new hair gift called Honeymoon. Perfect! Don't you just want to kiss my booboos away?

To finish out the look, I pulled out the awesome tattoo that is one of the current (and numerous) group gifts available at i love 13. I can't get over how it sits so perfectly along the collarbones. Were I that brave, I would love this tat irl. No joke. To round it all out, I'm wearing the Katat0nik stockings that came with the purple Sakura dress, and my prev blogged engineer boots and Church of Luxe top. Have you noticed that I often tend to pull at least one piece over from my previous blog? It isn't intentional, but you know? It shows that everything in your closet has potential to work with many different looks. Think outside the box, girls (and guys, you're not exempt from the fashion).

All poses are from [LAP], and I snuck into the Wastelands, I think confusing them all with my lack of weaponry and poofy skirt.

wastelands -
i love 13 -
&bean -
sugarcube -

fawning over lessthanthree.

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This post is to announce something I am soooo excited about Nykki Heartsdale of lessthanthree is back creating skins again! lessthanthree has always been on of my favourite skin lines, and to have Nykki back at her creating is so exciting. her new line of skins is not out yet - BUT she released a special review of her Phoebe skins (named for their similarity to Phoebe Cates, who I just wanted to BE) to her group in Vamp makeup. Ye gods I love this skin! I can't wait to see this line when it comes out for the skin fair. Lookity-look-look-lookIT:

The other cool thing I am showing is something I'd wanted to blog earlier, but ran out of steam. But that does not detract from its awesomeness. It is the group gift from This Is A Fawn, a special soft rose colouring of the Caulfield dress in plaid. I love these dresses and plan to go get the rest of the colours. They just cry fall to me.

Other Items worn:

league - ella stockings (185/colour pack)
church of luxe elf shirt (group gift from '08)
tiny bird - hey jude III (0L poop hunt)
miel - wpgiv black lace scarf (0L prev group gift)
edge grafica - engineer boots 1L

All poses are from (pda) and were taken at an awesome new sim called Coche (which I plan to explore more and will show you the goodies I gathered from the gift tree. Or, yanno, you could just take the slurl and check it out for yourself).

lessthanthree -
Coche sim -
this is a fawn -
league -

Monday, September 7, 2009


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Today I went on a firefly hunt with my lil friend Hobbes.. We wound up in the very spooky Drowsy sim, catching gorgeous fireflies to keep away the scaries! This will be word-short, pic-rich so let's get to the shots!

Reek! stuffs:

dude shirt (5L 2 pk)
plaid undies (1L starlust panty raid - but man I hope he makes more cos these are awesome!!!)
look at my fireflies jar (125L w/2 versions)
hobbes (175L for 2 versions)
I heart bandaids (99Lfatpack)

Other stuffs:

hair solutions - stefani - DSN gift
frop! - gym socks - lucky chair item
emphermal creations - barbed heart choker (0L last year's sn@tch haunted house gift)
kicks and skin prev blogged

All poses are from PIDIDDLE, and the shots were taken at the Drowsy sim.

AND!!! Just 'cos this thing is awesomeness, and I want it even though a) I have no home to put it in YET, and b) I cannot afford such a wicked thing (2000L). Cloud tp'd me to this awesome cyberpunk/robotics type store a friend of his runs.. and I was in awe. So much here that I want - but LOOK!! at this lounger/shelving unit!!!!!! God this pic doesn't so it justice, so please take the taxi to this store.

Drowsy -