Monday, September 14, 2009

skeletal blonde.

Okay so, I am not a blonde girl. It just isn't my preference, and oftentimes when I wear blonde hair in SL, I feel very not me. But lately, I have been drawn to the powder colour from lamb. I love it! I don't know what it is about the colour that I find so attractive, but, it just.. works. So I thought today, I would feature my now favourite blonde colour, along with the appropriate song. (I collect jennifer songs btw. Weird idiosyncracy, yes, but I do.)

This first look is comprised entirely of pieces from the silentsparrow (ember) Gnubie Store offering (0L for sooo many pieces!!). Hya is so generous to both new residnets and her twittery bird group members that she deserves your patrnage. Her attention to detail, and fun natured releases make everyone drool. And while yes, her outfits are geared towards the gothic, honestly, they are also very versatile when pulled apart, or worn differently.

The lamb hair I am wearing with this outfit is called Unbirthday Redux (300L/colour pack). My necklace was an awesome find I discovered last Halloween from a store called **mischievous cat**. It is a scripted watch - that tells real time and can be set to either SL time, or your own time zone. While this particular item is no longer available, there is a gorgeous ocean blue version in the lucky board that I am dying to get. Not to mention the other gorgeous pieces of jewelry and watches for both sexes.

This next outfit features the lamb hair I blogged previously as a 50L Friday item, and is how I would wear my hair irl; except, you know, not blonde >.< . With it I have on The Plastik's Addiction Hunt gift (0L - incl a sweater of the same colour as well), and leggings from Mirrors (0L previous gift I do not think is available any longer). The pose above is from (pda) and the others are either from my AO or scripted into the chairs. .

All pictures were taken at the incredible new silentsparrow build (while waiting for the lucky chair heehee). Please explore it! There are so many hidden nooks and treasures to discover.

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