Sunday, September 6, 2009

traffic light.

Today I decided to do a bit more exploring of the Switch sim, and rediscovered a little place in the creator's pavilion that I love - Cherry Branch. Often times, I would come here and just sit quietly, listening to music and thinking. I do that a lot in Second Life, so hopefully you don't get bored of it. Also a great place to bring friends for confabs and silliness, if that helps any!

This whole outfit centers around the snuggly gorgy sweater from Kosh - this week dollarbie offering. yep, that's right 1L, for this week only so go snap it up right quick. I paired it with the God Made Argyle skirt from Frop! (0L from their Midnight Mania outfit), as well as my favourite comfy buttoned leggings from Sh*t Happens - unfortunately no longer available.

My hair is from Hair Solutions, called Reese. Normally this goes for 200L per 4pk of colours, but with the generous group gift of a 300L gift card, I snagged this for free. The perfect cap that I'm wearing is also a dollarbie, Humby Designs' contribution to the bridge gifts @ Stalust's Bill sim.

Finally, check out my cute shoes!! These come in 5 colours, with each colour having 3 style options. AND they are 0L!!!!!! These come from the store 2g in celebration of their Switch store opening, and are in a little basket outside the shop door. You don't want to miss these, so make sure to stop by, as well as check out their moderately priced items inside. This shop makes intricate, gorgeous accesories.

All poses (aside form the sitting with mah kitty one) come from MNK's Switch opening gift (0L).

kosh -
frop! -
hair solutions -
2g -
taken @ cherry branch in the creator's pavilion

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