Wednesday, September 9, 2009

fawning over lessthanthree.

Song For This Post:

This post is to announce something I am soooo excited about Nykki Heartsdale of lessthanthree is back creating skins again! lessthanthree has always been on of my favourite skin lines, and to have Nykki back at her creating is so exciting. her new line of skins is not out yet - BUT she released a special review of her Phoebe skins (named for their similarity to Phoebe Cates, who I just wanted to BE) to her group in Vamp makeup. Ye gods I love this skin! I can't wait to see this line when it comes out for the skin fair. Lookity-look-look-lookIT:

The other cool thing I am showing is something I'd wanted to blog earlier, but ran out of steam. But that does not detract from its awesomeness. It is the group gift from This Is A Fawn, a special soft rose colouring of the Caulfield dress in plaid. I love these dresses and plan to go get the rest of the colours. They just cry fall to me.

Other Items worn:

league - ella stockings (185/colour pack)
church of luxe elf shirt (group gift from '08)
tiny bird - hey jude III (0L poop hunt)
miel - wpgiv black lace scarf (0L prev group gift)
edge grafica - engineer boots 1L

All poses are from (pda) and were taken at an awesome new sim called Coche (which I plan to explore more and will show you the goodies I gathered from the gift tree. Or, yanno, you could just take the slurl and check it out for yourself).

lessthanthree -
Coche sim -
this is a fawn -
league -