Wednesday, September 16, 2009

autumn beds.

Autumn is my favourite time of year. I love the clothes, I love the colours.. that smell in the air. I feel the most at home during this time, more than any other season. My next few posts will involve this thene, AND all will feature one of the skins from lessthanthree's special Phoebe line. I hope I do these justice, because they are soooo lovely.

This first one is the bare, base skin. I love the softness, and Nykki's tocuh with the lips always makes me melt. No freckles, as Miss Phoebe Cates wasn't freckled, though if inspired to do so later, she MIGHT release some.

My outfit consists of the wonderful fall sweater from &bean (1L in store gift, belw the stairs), my FAVOURITE prim vest from DP yumyum (0L lucky board gift, probably not still available, but really, you never know I s'pose), and pants from Slanted Fox's now legendary 1L closing sale. I also have on leggings from Mirrors to keep out the crisp chill, and what will probably be my favourite accessory this fall - the owl necklace from Boing Fromage! There are two different kinds, but I started with this one. This particular necklace comes in four metal colours (120L). Owls (and turtles) are my thing. Maybe it's having a hippie mom who loved to macrame, but the 70s owl graphic has always been something I've been drawn to. Generally, if it has an owl (or turtle) on it, I must have it.

The hair I'm wearing is from Tiny Bird, the Art Teacher II (oL amazing fat pack hunt gift from the Poop Hunt), and the Willy Wonka bar of awesome is from Harajuku Box's Bake Sale (2L - there are two other kinds of chocolate bars as well)

The poses come from Tiny Bird (Poop Hunt exclusive) and Luth, and all shots were taken at the Albero sim. Be on the lookout for the awesome Gatcha event this weekend. pretty sure everyone will be chatting about this one - it should be a massive event.

lessthanthree -
Tiny Bird -
HBOX Bake Sale -

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