Thursday, June 18, 2009

All Dressed Up

Last night I was feeling dressy (and even popped into the BBBC Rave, before the amazing lights crashed me out lol), so I slipped into a dress I've loved, yet never worn. It is GBL's Chocolate Honey Dress (0L special edition for the Crush Row St. Pat's Hunt). i love the gorgeous textures and folds, and flouncy shape. Makes me want to be all girly and fawned over by a special someone. Instead of that, I went exploring with my new friend Cloud, and played on swings and monkeybars before making the mistake of trying to take a picture. That crashed me for good!

Check out the detailing in the back! I love the texture on the pretty green ribbon.

I also have on some of my favourite new tights from a store that I THINK is called Kabochan World (oL for a pack of asst colours), and these gorgeously chocolatey Kristin boots from ETD (50L during the famous sale).

To add some pop to the look, I accessorised with this awesome jewelry set from PIDIDDLE called Blob. I have NO idea where/when I got this set, but I suspect it was some time ago, and possibly for 10L? Forgive me Brutus! lol My poses are from HappyMood (the location as well) and Izumiya.

HappyMood -

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Anime Me!!!

Today the BBBC topic was to answer who in SL would you switch lives with. I thought hard about this, and honestly? I wouldn't. I enjoy being me in so many ways, both irl and isl. I am too important to me to want to be anyone else (tho' a me with more ducats would be ideal). I wish that I could spend more time with the ones I love in Second Life, but that still would be spending that time as ME. Today's outfit is a perfect exclamation of me in my silliest side. I wandered around the Renesis sim, playing at being an anime character. I shot these pictures at Jenova's homestore (, and I plan to take many many more at different sections of this sim, because it is unforgettable!

Today was all about having fun (by myself, cos everyone was offline >.<). I love the playfulness of this look. It started off with this helmet that I got from a members only camping chair at Utsuku City, which I have heard was closed. Now I have no idea where you can get these things. I know, I know: FAIL.

I also have on the awesome Lopeared Parka, and the Bloody Tank from Rosso, which fit this look perfectly. And my pants of awesome, you ask? From Bot**. A teeny store in the Black Maria sim, filled with free or cheap fun clothes and accessories. Poses are by Elisa and Ladybird (both victims of the SL economy slump).


This is the coolest thing EVARRR and is what inspired my Kingdom Hearts-type video game look *makes fanfare sounds* Reek's Sims Plumbob (99L!!! that's IT!!?!?)

This baby is too astounding. You can load the notecards with phrases and words to trigger the colours to move from happy to furious, just like in the Sims games. It has so many options, all I can say is go get one and HAVE FUN!! Isn't that the best thing about SL? We get to play in all the ways we used to, and with the most wonderful friends along the way (and yes some a-holes, but doesn't every playground have a couple?) .

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


That is what this post is all about. My mind is a giant jumble of disconnected thoughts, some floaty, some heavy and threatening to drag me down into a deep puddle. I'll explain each pic (I may misremeber some pieces so please please forgive in advance). Some of these shots are of me alone, some come from tailing Wren around and playing with light and environment. Possibly not fashion forward but hey - that's the state of my brain today.

Chapter 1

I followed Wren around Nah!'s rainy beautiful sim, a place I go often when I am feeling melancholic or just.. meh. There is an awesome free umbrella that is given out right at the shelter where you first tp in, with the cutest ao. I got wrapped up in the way her outfit matched the orangey tones in the sky and umbrella, and the play of the rain.

Wren is wearing Anuenue's Bunny Hop hunt gift, socks from Tarnished (15L ea/75L fatpack), edge grafica's engineer boots (1L), Truth's Jess hair (0L), and Rasetsukoku's Spring Skull tee (0L lucky chair item).

Chapter 2

Here I am wearing S@bbia's group gift outfit, as well as their gift socks, along with Periquita's shoes (long ago group gift), and Philotic Energy's Melantha hair (150L/colour pack). Taken at the Garden Of Dreams. Pose by Elisa.
Chapter 3
This is just me and Wren lazing around on Runoruno's cubes back when I was going furniture shopping for a place I don't own yet. *grin* First up is me - in Reek's baseball tee and bandaids (prev blogged), with Kosh's boxers (1L previous weekly freeb). I also have on my favourite comfy flicflac boots from BF (150L purchased loooong ago).

Next is Wren, in Gibberish's Boho group gift blouse, paired with MNK's orangechoco skirt (0L), edge grafica boots, Kosh bracelet (oL Bunny Hop gift), and bOOn hair (0L).

Runoruno -
S@bbia -
Nah! -
Garden Of Dreams -

New Skirts!

Today is just a short post - and centers around This Is Not A Fawn's new Vintage Skirts (100L ea/400L fat pack). System skirts are not normally my thing. I find oftentimes, the design is clumsy or I have to adjust my measurements to give a more proportional look. Not so with Barb's new release!

As always, her colours are inviting, and unique, and the shape is just awesome! The belt is adjustable, so it will fit any and every shape. I have to say, This Is A Fawn's skirts always have this retro, slightly naughty librarian look about them, at least to me. With the teal skirt, I'm wearing Thimbles' TJ Maxx Clearance sweater (10L during a previous opening store sale), Gypsy Soul's Whimsy socks (prev blogged), and I have the same hairdo/glasses as yesterday.

With the second look I am wearing Dutch Touch's Cutie tee in brown (0L part of a ginormous group Christmas gift), Sn@tch's Goodgirl Argyle socks (0L lucky chair prize), and Kookie's awesome Muggies boots (previous group gift).

Here's a shot of the other available colours - pick up some of these! The price is great, and they are SURE to be a staple in your wardrobe. It's too hard to find good system skirts to not grab these up.

Pictures taken at the Pig Is A Fawn shop at Feed Your Head, and the poses are from Essential Soul, Ladybird (now closed), and Izumiya (who also has a not to be missed location at Feed Your Head).

Pig Is A Fawn @ Feed Your Head -

Monday, June 15, 2009

Quirky Girl

I just got back from the Okanagan yesterday, having spent Thurs-Sun with family there. Beautiful. I woke up this morning refreshed and ready to dive back into SL, and blogging. I'd started to get burned out a bit inworld, spending alot of time in a very hermitlike state, taking snaps of friends every so often, but for the most part, sitting somewhere and occasionally chatting with friends via IM.

The topic challenge Alicia put out today ( was to explain your perfect SL day, and it really got me thinking of the days I have loved most in SL. There've been silly days, and serious ones.. and a LOT where I did nothing but sit somewhere pretty while writing. My favourite days have always been the ones where I can spend time with my best friends OP or CC, which usually end up being quiet one on one times, or even going to someone's DJ gig, but chatting to one another in IM the whole time.. or more recently, the days Pix, Teb, Yuks and I (in any combination thereof) have gone on some crazy expedition to god only knows for god only knows why. I guess my best days are the ones where I feel like I've made a real connection to someone (like the day I got adoptededed by Riq and Anners ^-^), like I have made an impact in someone else's life, and they've touched mine indelibly. Those days can involve many scenarios, many locations, but they always number as the ones I remember most.

Something I love about SL, is it is so easy to express my quirky personality through. Today I feel silly, and cute, and in an inexplicably peppy mood. Not for any particular reason, just feeling really hopeful, really cheerful. My outfit today is all about that. (If anyone knows where I can get a good set of saddle shoes though, PLEASE let me know. Me WANT) It also contains a lot of my old favourites remixed. I wonder if people expect breaking news all the time, in terms of blogposts. Unfortunately, that's never been my thing. The true jenniewren does not care about cutting edge, or getting it first. I just want to be comfortably me, and hopefully, my readers enjoy that. Hell, hopefully anyone who knows me does!

My outfit today is comprised of PIDIDDLE's "Hungry For A Holiday" cardi (75L/colour), with Thimbles' Dennis Hybrid shirt (50L previous sale). I also have on some of my favourite jeans in SL Atomic's Lucky Jeans (St. Pat's group exclusive), and my kicks are the LiNe MHOH gift I previously blogged.

My hair is from Waka & Yuki (0L lucky board prize), and I just love it. If I could get my hair to do this poofycurlyfluffyfeather thing, I would wear it this way always. I have on some of my favourite glasses from Liquid Candy, formerly Skinzors, called Skull F*cked (1L during a brief sale when she renamed her line O.o! yes). I love the barbed wire bit in the middle, instead of geek tape. Heehee!

My poses in the three middle shots come from, in order, Essential Soul, VPoses and PIDIDDLE.

PIDIDDLE - (temp mainstore -
W&Y - (
Liquid Candy - (
Thimbles - (

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I don't know what it is about Reek's clothes that bring out my inner tomboy, but it happens everytime I put on anything from there. Maybe it's because all of Riq's releases relate back to our childhood favourites. As a child, I was DEFINITELY a tomboy. Rough and tumble, I hung out with all the boys, played kick ball, chilled with the older skater boys, and was the girl who got kissed by the boy downstairs while playing Manhunt (a version of capture the flag that any New England child knows well). *grin* Yeah.. that is me in a nutshell. The picture below is me showin' off my Manhunt skills, hiding behind a trashcan.

Okay okay - enough blahblahblah 'bout me.. I'll talk about the clothes now. I'm nearly head to toe in Reek. He's not made shorts yet, but, you know... it's not such a bad idea *coughs*. First I have on Reek's latest Lucky Board Beatles shirt (oL). Under it I layered one of his Colours Baseball Tees (199L/fat pack). When I was a kid, I literally had these classic baseball tees in every colour and wore them under my Osh Kosh B'Gosh overalls. I would eagerly watch my older brother's baseball shirts for when he would grow out of them, which ticked him off like you would not believe! Now I can relive my love for these in SL. I blogged one of these in my Purple blog if you want to see a full product shot. I also have on my favourite belt evarrr - Reek's I Heart Batman Belt (prev blogged - yesss I am addiction prone, so sue me).

You NEED to take a peep at my poor knee. I totally skinned it when I fell off the monkey bars. Luckily, Reek has me covered - just like my momma used to, with these wicked bandaids. The I Heart Bandaids (99L/fatpack) come in a TON of colours/layers, so you can mix and match colours, and even wear them on either/both knees! I am especially fond of the reddened skin detail behind them. Takes care of all my ouchies!

To finish off my look, I have on RockCandy's Bambi hair (100L/5pk colours), all the same jewelry, tats and fingertape I always wear, and these superhappymaking kicks from :::LiNe::: (0L MHOH gift). Their Chucks rank amongst my favourites. My shorts are from Frop (part of a previous MM gift, these change often so get to the boardslappin' peeps!).

Finally, just 'cos, I wanted to show you the new friend I made outside of Boycut's public bathrooms on Harold.

Reek -
LiNe -
RockCandy -
Frop -
Campground area on Harold -

Monday, June 8, 2009


Summer hits, and all my thoughts run to travelling. Even in my Second Life, I decide to start exploring, and quite often get lost. This will be a short post - but I'll make up for it I promise *grin* Anyways, I found this sim while looking for furniture, not that I'll have a place to put it in any time soon, BUT it pays to be prepared. I've since lost the lm to this crazy cool place - but I will update when I find it *facepalms*

This outfit centered around PigShop's RFL item - Grandma Dropped Her Pocket cardi in a special color (150L donation, all proceeds go to RFL). Under it I have Thimbles' Haltura tee in Firetruck (10L/2 colour pack during a Christmas time sale)

On my feetsies, I slipped into Pig's Socks Mit Suspenders in Fire Engine Red (0L former group gift), and Truth's Shreds kicks (0L Gnubie store). My pants are from BOOM's Tomboy outfit (10L - which I think may be a perma-markdown?). The hair of course is scripted goodness from Gritty Kitty (150L/colour).

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Two Looks

Today I decided to do a look mashup - to show you how investing in one piece can give you multiple looks, depending on how you accessorize it. In this case, I chose the Loose HalfPants from *anuenue (150L/colour).

For the First look, I layered a top also from *anuenue, Cotton Top in Clover (120L for two styles per colour). The hair is from the reopened LoveKitty (oL lucky chair), and the barrette is from Scribble (0L St. Pat's group gift). That is also where the pics in this first look were taken, while waiting for the famous Scribble Lucky Boards.

I capped off the look with Miel's new Ant Flats (220L/colour) and Tyranny's too cute Kick Me bunny backpack (0L - part of Bunny Hop gift).

For the next look, I was inspired, remotely I suppose, by Degrassi Junior High's Joey Jeremiah. If you don't know what show that is, you should find out. He featured in many a childhood daydream.

I slipped on MilkMotion's Loose Fawn Shirt (195L), and a scarf from Miel (0L previous group gift).

My hair is from Tiny Bird - Olivia (0L DSN gift) and the gorgeous hat is from Lelutka (0L St. Pat's group gift - join this group and stay put!).

Finally, my engineer boots are from M'z (0L lucky chair gift), and I'm wearing my usual Aitui armtubes. I tend not to repeat EVERYthing I wear, iof it is something I have blogged frequently (like my skin or piercings for instance), so if there's something you want to know about that I've not listed, please drop me a comment.

The amazing standing poses are all from (pda), a pose shop to frequent (and a subscribo to slap) because they are all well crafted, and unique! All the shots for this look were taken at Slaughter City.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Painting The Grid Purple

Soooo.. I meant to post this yesterday, but I got distracted by The Crystal Method show (which was INSANE by the by). For those of you who didn't know, yesterday was SL's "Paint The Grid Purple" Day, in support of everyone who is affected by cancer. This is something that is so important to me, given that I lost my own mother to breast cancer a year and a half ago. What a life-affirming, fun way to show your care and support for everyone who is touched by all the different kinds of this horrible disease.

When I logged in, Wren grabbed me to show me a new sim she'd discovered, and I snapped some shots. The sim she took me to is the home base for Tarnish - and has many more awesome stores, and fun exploring nooks to check out. (

My Outfit Details:
Shirt - Reek Classic Baseball Tee (199L/fat pack)
Pants - Sn@tch Love Kills Slowly Set (125L previous 50% off sale)
Hair - lamb Breeze (selftinted - 0L previous group gift)
Shoes - DillyDolls Skulled Mollies (50L during a previous sale)
Fingertape - Sinistyle (50L)

Wren's Look:
Hoodie - Sn@tch Carnival outfit (0L previous gift)
Top - Sn@tch Part of the Nipple Slip Dress (exclusive Sn@tch VIP group goift/colour)
Pants - Fear & Clothing (0L MRHE hunt gift)
Hair - Inorite (0L exclusive gift pack for Paint The Grid Purple day)
Necklace - Kunstkammer (10L instore gift)
Boots - edgegrafica (0L prev blogged)
Bracelet - KOSH (oL Bunny Hop Gift)

lamb -
Reek -

Poses by VPoses -