Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I don't know what it is about Reek's clothes that bring out my inner tomboy, but it happens everytime I put on anything from there. Maybe it's because all of Riq's releases relate back to our childhood favourites. As a child, I was DEFINITELY a tomboy. Rough and tumble, I hung out with all the boys, played kick ball, chilled with the older skater boys, and was the girl who got kissed by the boy downstairs while playing Manhunt (a version of capture the flag that any New England child knows well). *grin* Yeah.. that is me in a nutshell. The picture below is me showin' off my Manhunt skills, hiding behind a trashcan.

Okay okay - enough blahblahblah 'bout me.. I'll talk about the clothes now. I'm nearly head to toe in Reek. He's not made shorts yet, but, you know... it's not such a bad idea *coughs*. First I have on Reek's latest Lucky Board Beatles shirt (oL). Under it I layered one of his Colours Baseball Tees (199L/fat pack). When I was a kid, I literally had these classic baseball tees in every colour and wore them under my Osh Kosh B'Gosh overalls. I would eagerly watch my older brother's baseball shirts for when he would grow out of them, which ticked him off like you would not believe! Now I can relive my love for these in SL. I blogged one of these in my Purple blog if you want to see a full product shot. I also have on my favourite belt evarrr - Reek's I Heart Batman Belt (prev blogged - yesss I am addiction prone, so sue me).

You NEED to take a peep at my poor knee. I totally skinned it when I fell off the monkey bars. Luckily, Reek has me covered - just like my momma used to, with these wicked bandaids. The I Heart Bandaids (99L/fatpack) come in a TON of colours/layers, so you can mix and match colours, and even wear them on either/both knees! I am especially fond of the reddened skin detail behind them. Takes care of all my ouchies!

To finish off my look, I have on RockCandy's Bambi hair (100L/5pk colours), all the same jewelry, tats and fingertape I always wear, and these superhappymaking kicks from :::LiNe::: (0L MHOH gift). Their Chucks rank amongst my favourites. My shorts are from Frop (part of a previous MM gift, these change often so get to the boardslappin' peeps!).

Finally, just 'cos, I wanted to show you the new friend I made outside of Boycut's public bathrooms on Harold.

Reek -
LiNe -
RockCandy -
Frop -
Campground area on Harold -


  1. I love it! Thanks so much for all the kinds words. I'll try to get on shorts ASAP! :D

  2. *does happy riqismakinstuffs dance* lol