Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Two Looks

Today I decided to do a look mashup - to show you how investing in one piece can give you multiple looks, depending on how you accessorize it. In this case, I chose the Loose HalfPants from *anuenue (150L/colour).

For the First look, I layered a top also from *anuenue, Cotton Top in Clover (120L for two styles per colour). The hair is from the reopened LoveKitty (oL lucky chair), and the barrette is from Scribble (0L St. Pat's group gift). That is also where the pics in this first look were taken, while waiting for the famous Scribble Lucky Boards.

I capped off the look with Miel's new Ant Flats (220L/colour) and Tyranny's too cute Kick Me bunny backpack (0L - part of Bunny Hop gift).

For the next look, I was inspired, remotely I suppose, by Degrassi Junior High's Joey Jeremiah. If you don't know what show that is, you should find out. He featured in many a childhood daydream.

I slipped on MilkMotion's Loose Fawn Shirt (195L), and a scarf from Miel (0L previous group gift).

My hair is from Tiny Bird - Olivia (0L DSN gift) and the gorgeous hat is from Lelutka (0L St. Pat's group gift - join this group and stay put!).

Finally, my engineer boots are from M'z (0L lucky chair gift), and I'm wearing my usual Aitui armtubes. I tend not to repeat EVERYthing I wear, iof it is something I have blogged frequently (like my skin or piercings for instance), so if there's something you want to know about that I've not listed, please drop me a comment.

The amazing standing poses are all from (pda), a pose shop to frequent (and a subscribo to slap) because they are all well crafted, and unique! All the shots for this look were taken at Slaughter City.