Thursday, June 18, 2009

All Dressed Up

Last night I was feeling dressy (and even popped into the BBBC Rave, before the amazing lights crashed me out lol), so I slipped into a dress I've loved, yet never worn. It is GBL's Chocolate Honey Dress (0L special edition for the Crush Row St. Pat's Hunt). i love the gorgeous textures and folds, and flouncy shape. Makes me want to be all girly and fawned over by a special someone. Instead of that, I went exploring with my new friend Cloud, and played on swings and monkeybars before making the mistake of trying to take a picture. That crashed me for good!

Check out the detailing in the back! I love the texture on the pretty green ribbon.

I also have on some of my favourite new tights from a store that I THINK is called Kabochan World (oL for a pack of asst colours), and these gorgeously chocolatey Kristin boots from ETD (50L during the famous sale).

To add some pop to the look, I accessorised with this awesome jewelry set from PIDIDDLE called Blob. I have NO idea where/when I got this set, but I suspect it was some time ago, and possibly for 10L? Forgive me Brutus! lol My poses are from HappyMood (the location as well) and Izumiya.

HappyMood -

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