Monday, June 15, 2009

Quirky Girl

I just got back from the Okanagan yesterday, having spent Thurs-Sun with family there. Beautiful. I woke up this morning refreshed and ready to dive back into SL, and blogging. I'd started to get burned out a bit inworld, spending alot of time in a very hermitlike state, taking snaps of friends every so often, but for the most part, sitting somewhere and occasionally chatting with friends via IM.

The topic challenge Alicia put out today ( was to explain your perfect SL day, and it really got me thinking of the days I have loved most in SL. There've been silly days, and serious ones.. and a LOT where I did nothing but sit somewhere pretty while writing. My favourite days have always been the ones where I can spend time with my best friends OP or CC, which usually end up being quiet one on one times, or even going to someone's DJ gig, but chatting to one another in IM the whole time.. or more recently, the days Pix, Teb, Yuks and I (in any combination thereof) have gone on some crazy expedition to god only knows for god only knows why. I guess my best days are the ones where I feel like I've made a real connection to someone (like the day I got adoptededed by Riq and Anners ^-^), like I have made an impact in someone else's life, and they've touched mine indelibly. Those days can involve many scenarios, many locations, but they always number as the ones I remember most.

Something I love about SL, is it is so easy to express my quirky personality through. Today I feel silly, and cute, and in an inexplicably peppy mood. Not for any particular reason, just feeling really hopeful, really cheerful. My outfit today is all about that. (If anyone knows where I can get a good set of saddle shoes though, PLEASE let me know. Me WANT) It also contains a lot of my old favourites remixed. I wonder if people expect breaking news all the time, in terms of blogposts. Unfortunately, that's never been my thing. The true jenniewren does not care about cutting edge, or getting it first. I just want to be comfortably me, and hopefully, my readers enjoy that. Hell, hopefully anyone who knows me does!

My outfit today is comprised of PIDIDDLE's "Hungry For A Holiday" cardi (75L/colour), with Thimbles' Dennis Hybrid shirt (50L previous sale). I also have on some of my favourite jeans in SL Atomic's Lucky Jeans (St. Pat's group exclusive), and my kicks are the LiNe MHOH gift I previously blogged.

My hair is from Waka & Yuki (0L lucky board prize), and I just love it. If I could get my hair to do this poofycurlyfluffyfeather thing, I would wear it this way always. I have on some of my favourite glasses from Liquid Candy, formerly Skinzors, called Skull F*cked (1L during a brief sale when she renamed her line O.o! yes). I love the barbed wire bit in the middle, instead of geek tape. Heehee!

My poses in the three middle shots come from, in order, Essential Soul, VPoses and PIDIDDLE.

PIDIDDLE - (temp mainstore -
W&Y - (
Liquid Candy - (
Thimbles - (

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