Monday, June 8, 2009


Summer hits, and all my thoughts run to travelling. Even in my Second Life, I decide to start exploring, and quite often get lost. This will be a short post - but I'll make up for it I promise *grin* Anyways, I found this sim while looking for furniture, not that I'll have a place to put it in any time soon, BUT it pays to be prepared. I've since lost the lm to this crazy cool place - but I will update when I find it *facepalms*

This outfit centered around PigShop's RFL item - Grandma Dropped Her Pocket cardi in a special color (150L donation, all proceeds go to RFL). Under it I have Thimbles' Haltura tee in Firetruck (10L/2 colour pack during a Christmas time sale)

On my feetsies, I slipped into Pig's Socks Mit Suspenders in Fire Engine Red (0L former group gift), and Truth's Shreds kicks (0L Gnubie store). My pants are from BOOM's Tomboy outfit (10L - which I think may be a perma-markdown?). The hair of course is scripted goodness from Gritty Kitty (150L/colour).

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