Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Anime Me!!!

Today the BBBC topic was to answer who in SL would you switch lives with. I thought hard about this, and honestly? I wouldn't. I enjoy being me in so many ways, both irl and isl. I am too important to me to want to be anyone else (tho' a me with more ducats would be ideal). I wish that I could spend more time with the ones I love in Second Life, but that still would be spending that time as ME. Today's outfit is a perfect exclamation of me in my silliest side. I wandered around the Renesis sim, playing at being an anime character. I shot these pictures at Jenova's homestore (, and I plan to take many many more at different sections of this sim, because it is unforgettable!

Today was all about having fun (by myself, cos everyone was offline >.<). I love the playfulness of this look. It started off with this helmet that I got from a members only camping chair at Utsuku City, which I have heard was closed. Now I have no idea where you can get these things. I know, I know: FAIL.

I also have on the awesome Lopeared Parka, and the Bloody Tank from Rosso, which fit this look perfectly. And my pants of awesome, you ask? From Bot**. A teeny store in the Black Maria sim, filled with free or cheap fun clothes and accessories. Poses are by Elisa and Ladybird (both victims of the SL economy slump).


This is the coolest thing EVARRR and is what inspired my Kingdom Hearts-type video game look *makes fanfare sounds* Reek's Sims Plumbob (99L!!! that's IT!!?!?)

This baby is too astounding. You can load the notecards with phrases and words to trigger the colours to move from happy to furious, just like in the Sims games. It has so many options, all I can say is go get one and HAVE FUN!! Isn't that the best thing about SL? We get to play in all the ways we used to, and with the most wonderful friends along the way (and yes some a-holes, but doesn't every playground have a couple?) .

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