Monday, May 25, 2009

Annoying Wren

My friend Wrenling Windlow gave herself a makeover! She was my first guest blogger waaay back at the beginning of this excursion into my closet - and recently decided she needed a massive revamp. I attacked her for a photo shoot as soon as she told me she'd gotten her new shape from Blitz! (my friend eeka's awesome shapes store). I managed to hunt her down when she was waiting for Reek's Lucky Board Shirt of Elliott Smith awesomeness (neither one of us has scored it yet.. but it's only a matter of time... muahahahahahaaa).

I promptly snagged her to drag her happily compliant carcass all over the Starlust group of sims - still going for that summer vaca type appeal. Have you noticed how obsessed I am with camping lately? Gosh, I miss New England.

So, here's the most incredible thing about Wren's outfit - everything aside from her shape costs 0-1L!!! What else would you expect from someone I met on a long ago lucky chair stalking session? I'll post the details at the end. Up next is a close up shot of her new mirah shape (modded slightly - she wanted me to mention she widened the eyes, and thickened the legs and bum). She is wearing Imagen's lucky chair exclusive Irene skin.

This last shot is just cos I think it came out so beautiful! I took this one in Harold, while we were sitting round the campfire. You might see more of Wren's face round here, with her amazing finds. That girl has a nose for the shopping, lemme tell ya.

sanu - pinned heart (1L group gift)
tiny bird - olivia pepper (0L DSN gift)
edge grafica - engineer boots (10 min group camp)
uncle wiggily - cherub horns (0-1L the only horns she says she'll ever wear)
akai - simple long sleeve bright blue (0L crush row hunt)
pacadi - old style tee (0L)
stellar designs - plaid jeans (0L hunt gift?)
dark mouse - lots o holes belt (former group gift)
wasabi pills - friday eyes opal (0L gift)
KOSH cuff - (0L bunny hop prize)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summertime Is On Its Way

Today I was inspired by the beautiful weather I got to enjoy this weekend, which i forgot was the long weekend in the States O.o I have been gone too long from the US, I think. I wandered around place I'd hadn't been before, ot hadn't explored properly., giving myself a little SL vacation. There won't be alot of talkytalky as I am super tired, but I have two looks for you taday, both revolving around my new Gritty Kitty hair, Bilirubin (150L/colour, texture change scripted).

This first look involves a few old favourites (my UBU kicks, Aitui armtubes, and Sh*t Happens tube socks), mixed with a couple of gems I've not blogged before. I've got on the perfect retro terrycloth shorts from BOOM (0L part of the daily gift hunt a few weeks back), and the Dandelion tee from Aitui (0L Crush Row Thanksgiving Hunt gift believe it or not - I was saving this for the summer. Dandelions are summer for me.) The second pose is part of that incredible older pose pack from PIDIDDLE.

The shots for this look were taken at the unbelievable collection of sims @ Feed Your Head. You can basically follow the entire Alice storyline from one amazing sim to another. And the stores you'll find? All top notch, all so creatively built. Check it out, hang out, play and explore. It will delight your inner child. (Clicketyclick on the pics for a better view)

Feed Your Head -
(this will take you to the Looking Glass sim)
Look 2

Next up, I am wearing the first outfit I ever bought from Gypsy Soul - Jersey (300L manymany layering options as always). I'm not wearing the leggings because that seemed to wintry for what I wanted. I also have on her Whimsy Socks (100L/4 colours).

So that is basically it for this look - vacation simple. I have the kicks I've previously blogged, as well as the necklace from Violet Voltaire in both shots. I'm never taking it off. I took these shots at Valiant Male's sim. Excellent menswear, by the by, folkses. Tell the guys in your slife to check them out, they won't regret it! The middle pose is from Ladybird's 1L closing sale pack.

Valiant Male Clothing -
Gypsy Soul -
Gritty Kitty -

Friday, May 22, 2009

I Am Bahman..

This outfit revolves solely around two things - one my Batman belt of awesome from Reek, and the equally awesome Bahman hair from Gritty Kitty (150L/colour). Once I had those two items together (no chicken/egg debate: the belt happened first, and I found the hair after) this look suited me perfectly. I think my quirkiness is often offputting to a lot of folks - which I don't much care about. *sticks tongue out*

I wanted to go for a crazy camper girl type look. (Swear to GAWD - I would wear this exact outfit irl. Matter of fact? I will make this my goal to FIND this.). I snatched up a capri staple for me - jeans from Gypsy Soul's Tuesday outfit. Her pants are some of my SL favourites. Perfect crinkled cuffs and textures, always. Next came the vest - my favourite prim vest from DP Yumyum (lucky board gift). Every camper needs a warm plaid puffy vest of cuteness.

In tune with my camper look is Reek's Camp Anawanna Tee (125L/fatpack for both men and women) Nickelodeon anyone? Anyone? Bueller...Bueller? You know you know. Mhmm. Under this I slipped Thimbles' Henry Hybrid shirt (long ago group giftie, still available for purchase).

Finishing off this look are the Hoorenbeek kicks I blogged previously (scroll down lazy peoples!), my slightly sunburned ti'ko skin (limited dollarbie, now full price), and my necklace constant from Rave Nation (previous birthday pressie).

The final pic uses a PIDIDDLE pose from the 50L old pose pack. My wrist tats, before you ask, are a made just for me birthday present. Sorry, kinda *grin*.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sepia Faeling Returns

I've been wandering these past few days in my antlers and Rockbeery skin.. I love this monochromatic look. Be warned: this post will be very picture heavy! And with two outfits I will explain separately as seems to be my habit. In common with all pics is (previously blogged) bOOn hair, Rockberry skin, Uncle Wiggily antlers, Avanti eyes from Pulse (75L) and necklaces from Violet Voltaire (150L w/earrings) and Rave Nation.

First Look

These shots I have on Reek's I Heart Themes belt (prev blogged), Magi take cardigan (20L for asst colours I believe), Frop! Ice Cream Social shorts (Midnight Mania board), WoE! freebie tank in soot (0L), Juju's Closet argyle socks (previous freeb), as well as my usual Aitui arm tubes and boots from J's.

I took these shots at Katat0nik's incredible new sim (right next door to a revamped Axis Mundi). I have many more shots on my Flickr. Seriously, who doesn't love a bathtub motor boat?!

Here I'm wearing a sheer pullover (without the collar) by Demise (0L), bra from Sn@tch's Club Skank outfit (125L during an older 50% off sale I believe), leopard print leggings from idk (100L), the same belt as above, and boots from edge grafica (15 min camp).

Demise -

idk -

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pig Is A Fawn

This morning I woke up to a thrilling sight - a plethora of goodness from This Is A Fawn! Oodles and oodles of detailed loverliness, and I knew instantly where to take the shots - the shared This Is A Fawn/Pig Shop @ Feed Your Head (http://http// Nothing else could be done, but to mix the two shops together (and throw a piece or two in from elsewhere natch). As always, click the pics for a larger shot.

First up is the awesome Phonics Tee (80L). I seriously plan to run around the grid looking for other letters to see what we spell! Be on the lookout for me, and others, and we'll post them to Fawn's Flickr! With it I have on Pig Shop's Masculine Gingham shirt (0L older Starlust Group gift) and Kneesocks Mit Suspenders (75L/colour). I also have on Hoorenbeek's kicks (oL but i have no idea if they are still available cos they are an old favourite pair), and shorts from Ladybird (0L Opening Gift). My barrette is from Four Yip's Roly Poly Dress (0L), and the hair is Maitreya (200L).

Here I'm wearing the Faux Bois tee (80L)which is one of my favourites. I've paired it with Pig Shop's Thermal Henleys (0L - Starlust Hunt Gift, I think?) I've had these forever and they are a wardrobe staple. I really love the soft colours and texturing. Everything else is the same as above (See? It is possible to use staple items so it looks different everytime.. at least to me).

Next up is a dress I see as one of OMG's signature pieces - the Hax Dress (80L ea/comes in 3 basic colours, with special versions available for RFL). I have only shown the blue, but the other colours are just as beautiful, and her skirts are the perfect amount of flounce and poofiness. Also have on Pig Shop's Socks Mit Suspenders (0L Starlust Group Gift, along with the red ones coming up, but now available for 75L ea colour), and Blue Ballet Rose flats from 50 Flats (0L not sure if they are still available though).

Lastly, I am wearing the Hound Skirt (100L ea/5 colours to choose from). I love this skirt - awesome pleating, and perfect waistband. I've worn it with Pig's aforementioned socks, Whippet & Buck's jacket (0L subscribo gift), F&C's previously blogged bat beater, and flatts of cherry cuteness from 50 Flats (0L - lucky board gift).

Pig Is A Fawn -
Ladybird -
Whippet & Buck -
50 Flats -
Hoorenbeek -
(All poses in this post are from PIDIDDLE)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Today Is A Weird Day

Today is my rezzday, and it is a funny thing that I didn't hold any importance to last year, which was my first. Yet - this year has changed. This time around, I feel the sting of my hermitous state. I hold an importance for people that seems to be not quite as strong as that which I hold for them. I *think* it is because I have always been a bit of a wanderer, a bit of a loaner. How can someone see you as important if you are simply not around to remind them? I DO have my cherished few who I think of as family, and a couple of best friends that are dearer than anything I could express... I know, I know, bizarre way to start of a blog, but hey - I'm allowed my melancholic moments DAMMIT! lol

ANYways.. I have a lot of pictures which I am not going to explain as in depth, but show you stuff, and where to get it. Which you'd think would be short and simple.. but nahh.. I'm incapable apparently..

Today's Look -

Today totally centered around Reek's Camp Anawana Tee ($125 for the fat pack) and Batman Belt(I don't know as it was a surprise sneekpeek, but I'm guessing, comparable to his other belts which I am wearing throughout the post - they all are texture change and have 32138619865238451537123 options, so go get).

(hanging at my friend Naga's dj set)

And LOOK!! A new skin on me - from ti'ko (1L for a limited time which may already be over) I seriously love how it looks like sunburned me.

Also worn -
Shoes - 50 Flats (0L but may no longer be available)
Hair - Maitreya (200L per 3 colour pack)

Look 2:

Belt - Reek (I heart themes set to Lucky Charms L)
Shirt - Tyranny (0L from Sn@tch Sim Condom Hunt)
Shorts - Kosh (previous weekly dollarbie minus the skirt bit)
Kicks - Truth (0L at the Gnubie Store)
Socks - Sn@tch (0L lucky chair gift)
Hair - Rock Candy (100L per colour pack)


Previously blogged idk outfit mismashed and shot @ their mainstore.

Hanging at the Velvet in idk

Waiting for the rain to stop outside Eeka's shop.. feeling melancholy

And this is OP - I was taking practice shots, and realised that he was wearing an awesome freebie men's shirt from Juju's Closet - so *fanfare* my first men's freebie blogged! (he doesn't know yet hahaha sniper shots ftw)