Friday, May 8, 2009

Today Is A Weird Day

Today is my rezzday, and it is a funny thing that I didn't hold any importance to last year, which was my first. Yet - this year has changed. This time around, I feel the sting of my hermitous state. I hold an importance for people that seems to be not quite as strong as that which I hold for them. I *think* it is because I have always been a bit of a wanderer, a bit of a loaner. How can someone see you as important if you are simply not around to remind them? I DO have my cherished few who I think of as family, and a couple of best friends that are dearer than anything I could express... I know, I know, bizarre way to start of a blog, but hey - I'm allowed my melancholic moments DAMMIT! lol

ANYways.. I have a lot of pictures which I am not going to explain as in depth, but show you stuff, and where to get it. Which you'd think would be short and simple.. but nahh.. I'm incapable apparently..

Today's Look -

Today totally centered around Reek's Camp Anawana Tee ($125 for the fat pack) and Batman Belt(I don't know as it was a surprise sneekpeek, but I'm guessing, comparable to his other belts which I am wearing throughout the post - they all are texture change and have 32138619865238451537123 options, so go get).

(hanging at my friend Naga's dj set)

And LOOK!! A new skin on me - from ti'ko (1L for a limited time which may already be over) I seriously love how it looks like sunburned me.

Also worn -
Shoes - 50 Flats (0L but may no longer be available)
Hair - Maitreya (200L per 3 colour pack)

Look 2:

Belt - Reek (I heart themes set to Lucky Charms L)
Shirt - Tyranny (0L from Sn@tch Sim Condom Hunt)
Shorts - Kosh (previous weekly dollarbie minus the skirt bit)
Kicks - Truth (0L at the Gnubie Store)
Socks - Sn@tch (0L lucky chair gift)
Hair - Rock Candy (100L per colour pack)


Previously blogged idk outfit mismashed and shot @ their mainstore.

Hanging at the Velvet in idk

Waiting for the rain to stop outside Eeka's shop.. feeling melancholy

And this is OP - I was taking practice shots, and realised that he was wearing an awesome freebie men's shirt from Juju's Closet - so *fanfare* my first men's freebie blogged! (he doesn't know yet hahaha sniper shots ftw)

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