Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sepia Faeling Returns

I've been wandering these past few days in my antlers and Rockbeery skin.. I love this monochromatic look. Be warned: this post will be very picture heavy! And with two outfits I will explain separately as seems to be my habit. In common with all pics is (previously blogged) bOOn hair, Rockberry skin, Uncle Wiggily antlers, Avanti eyes from Pulse (75L) and necklaces from Violet Voltaire (150L w/earrings) and Rave Nation.

First Look

These shots I have on Reek's I Heart Themes belt (prev blogged), Magi take cardigan (20L for asst colours I believe), Frop! Ice Cream Social shorts (Midnight Mania board), WoE! freebie tank in soot (0L), Juju's Closet argyle socks (previous freeb), as well as my usual Aitui arm tubes and boots from J's.

I took these shots at Katat0nik's incredible new sim (right next door to a revamped Axis Mundi). I have many more shots on my Flickr. Seriously, who doesn't love a bathtub motor boat?!

Here I'm wearing a sheer pullover (without the collar) by Demise (0L), bra from Sn@tch's Club Skank outfit (125L during an older 50% off sale I believe), leopard print leggings from idk (100L), the same belt as above, and boots from edge grafica (15 min camp).

Demise -

idk -

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