Monday, May 25, 2009

Annoying Wren

My friend Wrenling Windlow gave herself a makeover! She was my first guest blogger waaay back at the beginning of this excursion into my closet - and recently decided she needed a massive revamp. I attacked her for a photo shoot as soon as she told me she'd gotten her new shape from Blitz! (my friend eeka's awesome shapes store). I managed to hunt her down when she was waiting for Reek's Lucky Board Shirt of Elliott Smith awesomeness (neither one of us has scored it yet.. but it's only a matter of time... muahahahahahaaa).

I promptly snagged her to drag her happily compliant carcass all over the Starlust group of sims - still going for that summer vaca type appeal. Have you noticed how obsessed I am with camping lately? Gosh, I miss New England.

So, here's the most incredible thing about Wren's outfit - everything aside from her shape costs 0-1L!!! What else would you expect from someone I met on a long ago lucky chair stalking session? I'll post the details at the end. Up next is a close up shot of her new mirah shape (modded slightly - she wanted me to mention she widened the eyes, and thickened the legs and bum). She is wearing Imagen's lucky chair exclusive Irene skin.

This last shot is just cos I think it came out so beautiful! I took this one in Harold, while we were sitting round the campfire. You might see more of Wren's face round here, with her amazing finds. That girl has a nose for the shopping, lemme tell ya.

sanu - pinned heart (1L group gift)
tiny bird - olivia pepper (0L DSN gift)
edge grafica - engineer boots (10 min group camp)
uncle wiggily - cherub horns (0-1L the only horns she says she'll ever wear)
akai - simple long sleeve bright blue (0L crush row hunt)
pacadi - old style tee (0L)
stellar designs - plaid jeans (0L hunt gift?)
dark mouse - lots o holes belt (former group gift)
wasabi pills - friday eyes opal (0L gift)
KOSH cuff - (0L bunny hop prize)

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