Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summertime Is On Its Way

Today I was inspired by the beautiful weather I got to enjoy this weekend, which i forgot was the long weekend in the States O.o I have been gone too long from the US, I think. I wandered around place I'd hadn't been before, ot hadn't explored properly., giving myself a little SL vacation. There won't be alot of talkytalky as I am super tired, but I have two looks for you taday, both revolving around my new Gritty Kitty hair, Bilirubin (150L/colour, texture change scripted).

This first look involves a few old favourites (my UBU kicks, Aitui armtubes, and Sh*t Happens tube socks), mixed with a couple of gems I've not blogged before. I've got on the perfect retro terrycloth shorts from BOOM (0L part of the daily gift hunt a few weeks back), and the Dandelion tee from Aitui (0L Crush Row Thanksgiving Hunt gift believe it or not - I was saving this for the summer. Dandelions are summer for me.) The second pose is part of that incredible older pose pack from PIDIDDLE.

The shots for this look were taken at the unbelievable collection of sims @ Feed Your Head. You can basically follow the entire Alice storyline from one amazing sim to another. And the stores you'll find? All top notch, all so creatively built. Check it out, hang out, play and explore. It will delight your inner child. (Clicketyclick on the pics for a better view)

Feed Your Head -
(this will take you to the Looking Glass sim)
Look 2

Next up, I am wearing the first outfit I ever bought from Gypsy Soul - Jersey (300L manymany layering options as always). I'm not wearing the leggings because that seemed to wintry for what I wanted. I also have on her Whimsy Socks (100L/4 colours).

So that is basically it for this look - vacation simple. I have the kicks I've previously blogged, as well as the necklace from Violet Voltaire in both shots. I'm never taking it off. I took these shots at Valiant Male's sim. Excellent menswear, by the by, folkses. Tell the guys in your slife to check them out, they won't regret it! The middle pose is from Ladybird's 1L closing sale pack.

Valiant Male Clothing -
Gypsy Soul -
Gritty Kitty -

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