Friday, May 22, 2009

I Am Bahman..

This outfit revolves solely around two things - one my Batman belt of awesome from Reek, and the equally awesome Bahman hair from Gritty Kitty (150L/colour). Once I had those two items together (no chicken/egg debate: the belt happened first, and I found the hair after) this look suited me perfectly. I think my quirkiness is often offputting to a lot of folks - which I don't much care about. *sticks tongue out*

I wanted to go for a crazy camper girl type look. (Swear to GAWD - I would wear this exact outfit irl. Matter of fact? I will make this my goal to FIND this.). I snatched up a capri staple for me - jeans from Gypsy Soul's Tuesday outfit. Her pants are some of my SL favourites. Perfect crinkled cuffs and textures, always. Next came the vest - my favourite prim vest from DP Yumyum (lucky board gift). Every camper needs a warm plaid puffy vest of cuteness.

In tune with my camper look is Reek's Camp Anawanna Tee (125L/fatpack for both men and women) Nickelodeon anyone? Anyone? Bueller...Bueller? You know you know. Mhmm. Under this I slipped Thimbles' Henry Hybrid shirt (long ago group giftie, still available for purchase).

Finishing off this look are the Hoorenbeek kicks I blogged previously (scroll down lazy peoples!), my slightly sunburned ti'ko skin (limited dollarbie, now full price), and my necklace constant from Rave Nation (previous birthday pressie).

The final pic uses a PIDIDDLE pose from the 50L old pose pack. My wrist tats, before you ask, are a made just for me birthday present. Sorry, kinda *grin*.

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