Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the love i'm searching for.

Song For This Post: The Rentals - The Love I'm Searching For

Okay, so I love the Rentals. Love them. I got to see the reunion tour when it came through Vancouver, and I had so much fun at that show, just like every Rentals show I've been to. I also love Matt Sharp. Maybe a bit more than the hub would like, but yanno, Matt is on my drop trou list LMAO. Here's a live version of one of my favourite songs by them..
Meltastic, and perfect for my next installment of Geek Chic for Project Themeory.

Outfit Deets:

hair - !lamb. Oh Sugar - Powder w/ Black Roots (prev 50L Fri item)
dress/3D glasses - mijn.t [I'M GEEK CHIC] PACK - Project Themeory exclusive item
skin - Mynerva Aona Bare Teeth Freckles (50% OFF for a limited time!)
ears of awesome - Mynerva Chrono-plug II Elven Ear (120L for a combopk of options.. the clocks work!)
finger tats - (Medley) Hand Gun-Hearts (prev blogged)
kicks - ::Maschienenwerk:: LowTop II R- wearing 1 red, 1 white kick (0L)
socks - Pig - Knee Sock Mit Suspenders - Red Red Sock (75L)
dress shirt (under) - *Thimbles* I <3 Plaid - Darryl  (prev hunt gift)
*Thimbles* is hidden beneath Pig Shop - go explore!

pics taken @ [Origami] room
poses from dfo! for Project Themeory

Monday, April 19, 2010

the girl got hot.

Song For This Post: Weezer - The Girl Got Hot

So this post was inspired by Project Themeory, an awesome collection of stores presenting limited time themed items from weekend to weekend (some vendors still had their items out today, so join the inworld group to grab a list - otherwise, join up and wait for next week!). This first look doesn't feature anything from this particular weekend's theme *cough* which was "Geek Chic", BUT it does fit in with the theme! I swear. The second features a few items from Project Themeory tho, and I have another post in the works for tomorrow, as really, there is so much awesome stuffs <3.

Oh, and the song? Weezer is the ultimate Geek Chic band IMHO (as well as a cpl of others you'll be seeing in the next few posts). I would eat Rivers Cuomo on ice cream. Actually I would eat Matt Sharp (frmr Weezer member, to be featured tom heehee) AND him all up without the ice cream. *swoons* That said - the song works awesome for this - the underrated geeky girl who suddenly blossoms into the super hot chick she was allllll along, without losing her real self.

First Outfit:

hair - [kik] hair -Cynthia (1L * Tic Tac Toe *opening gift)
skin - *Sanu Pink Day Skin (0L group gift for Pink Shirt Day)
(because it should never be discussed/shown awareness only for 1 day)
gummi worm - *Sanu Gummy worm gacha (15L/try!! trans ok!!!!!)
top  - Salsa! Rex Plaid Manly Shirt - Fruity (0L Skipping Stones hunt gift)
cardi - Pig - Sing Sing Celadon (purch during 50% off sale)
socks - Frop! Gym Socks Pink Stripes (0L fatpk Lucky Board item)
skirt - [astraia] Denim Mini - Orange  (part of 50L outfit @ Spring Bazaar)
glasses - /artilleri/ Gladys glasses (prev subscribo join gift)
necklace - !BF! Promo Big Cheese Necklace - Silver (1L)
tat - [bubble] Bird love [Fresh] (prev blogged)
shoes - .:Periquita TooToo Shoe Dots Green Brown:. (200L/fatpk!!!!! in the Secret Outlet bunker)
fingertats - (Medley) HandGun Hearts  (prev blogged)

pics taken @ BOOM! mainstore
Poses from dismorph

Second Look:

pillows! - Molto Bene! - Project Themory Geek Chic Week! (50L)
lolly - *Sanu Skully Lollipop Purple (gacha item! 20L/try, trans ok!)
hair - !lamb. Ambrosia - Rotten Carrot (prev 50L Fri item)
cardi - MIASNOW CORDON BLU shrug  (OOOOOOOld gift)
dress - NUT :: Bloom Dress (Light Orange) - Beautiful Bloom (160L limited time!)
skin - *Sanu Pink Day Skin (0L group gift for Pink Shirt Day)
shoes - .:Periquita TooToo Shoe Dots Yellow Blue:. (200L/fatpk!!!!! in the Secret Outlet bunker)
finger tats - (Medley) Hand Gun-Hearts (prev blogged)
glasses - Tooter Claxton's fiftiesGlasses2 (0L)
socks - Schadenfreude Autumn Bawdy Socks (prev 50L Fri item)

pics taken @ classroom
poses from dfo! for Project Themeory (w/pillow pose)

santa monica

Song For This Post: Jay Malinowski - Santa Monica

This is a song/album I am currently addicted to. Jay Malinowski is the lead singer for Bedouin Soundclash, though his solo release is nothing like their sound. It's haunting and lonely, and just gorgeous. His version of this Bedouin Soundclash song is so heartwrenching, with a completely beautiful vid to go with..

Also: I am using two looks today I've had sitting in my blog folder for awhile cos I just couldn't get to it last week. Both feature the Springy skin in Pale from Plastic Flowers (25L/2 tones), the DUBOO owl tat (35L). and the Medley hand tats from the Spring Bazaar; both tats I've been wearing for ages, and most likely will continue doing so lol.

First Look:

pillow! - Molto Bene! - Huggable Pillow! [ wear & click ] (prev 50L Fri item - now 100L) 
(clickscripted for a TON of adorable prints incl this awesomeness of bacon <3))
hair - fri. - Jasmine.2 - Cranky Brown (250L/colourpk)
pjs - ~*RunoRuno*~ Teddy  (0L RPH gift)
tee - [Miseria] Koi Koi - Red/Gold (0L RPH gift)
flats - DUBOO* Supermarket shoes [red packet sp.1] (0L RPH gift)
socks - Pig - Socks Mit Suspenders - Fire Engine Red (prev group gift)

poses from my AO w/pillow

Second Look:

hair - Clawtooth: Fancy fancy - Coco (prev 50L Fri item)
top  - Pig - Irregular Guayabera - Eggshell (0L group gift)
socks - Pig - Duotone Socks Mit Suspenders - HUZZAH!!! (1L Starlust egg hunt)
wedges - *Kookie* Powder Puff (prev 50L Fri item)
shorts - Emery - High Waist Short  (prev instore gift)
panties - Schadenfreude Heartkini Bottom (prev hunt gift)
glasses - Reek - Denton Shades (prev blogged)
necklace - ::Happy Finds:: Tiger Dancer (0L RPH hunt gift)
bag - :sey mini-trunk -L (0L group gift)

pics taken @ Old New York
Poses: Free*Style

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Song For This Post: Sting - Fragile

Today is Pink Shirt Day.. A day that was started in Canada, after a boy got bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. His school rallied around him, and a group of boys decided to wear pink shirts to show support. But today I feel only sadness. Today I can only think of Phoebe Prince. She was a beautiful soul.. relentlessly bullied day in and day out - at school, at home, online, via text msg, and everybody knew. EVERYBODY - teachers, "friends", the principal. And not one person did one goddamned thing. Not the school, not her peers.. NOONE. On Jan 14th, 2010, after yet another day of constant harassment, incl a Red Bull can being thrown at her head on the way home from school, she walked in her door, up to her room, and hung herself. Even after her suicide, the menace persisted; comments were plastered all over her facebook, her family's sites, anything online that mentioned her name. She is gone now, and noone can ever take back what was done to her. I feel so beyond horror, so beyond tears. Pink shirts might not have saved her.. but someone could have. Someone could have helped pull her out of the personal hell she was in. Will you be that person, for the next Phoebe Prince?


hair - *BC322 Skull&Bones* Yoi-Yume (LB) (0L lucky board item) THANKS RAYRAY!
top  - Pig - Pink Shirt Day - Guayabera in Cotton Candy (0L)
skin - &bean Hounds of love LIGHT Nyckelpiga medium brow (0L group gift)
cardi - Pig - Sing Sing Puntareanas (50% off SALE!!)
jeans - [PACADI] - Paint Splattered Jeans [grey]  (50% off CLOSING SALE)
glasses - Reek - Denton Shades (prev blogged)
necklace - ::Happy Finds:: Wing It (0L limited time)
tat - [bubble] Bird love [Fresh] (0L group gift)
flats - 50 Flats- Flower w/o leaves pink (50L/4 pk of asst flats)
fingertats - (Medley) HandGun Hearts  (prev blogged)

pics taken @ embryo
Poses: [LAP] @ the pose fair - Pose Fair Donation Gift

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Song For This Post: Greg Dulli - Pussywillow

Greg Dulli (for those of you who don't know) is/was the lead singer of the Afghan Whigs, and the Twilight Singers. He oozes this sultry sexualised adoration and love that just GETS me everytime, every song. I've said it before, I'll say it again.. PURE sex-onna-stick, but his sex is one that has meaning, that goes beyond simple flesh and temporary itches being scratched. Yum.

Outfit Deets:

hair - ((JUNWAVE)) MARIE(TypeB)*ORANGE-BROWN* (0L prev group gift)
skin - !MangoMango! Mod Mod World Pale (0L Starlust Egg Hunt gift)
dress - :Liriope: ox dress (1LTic Tac Toe opening gift)
socks - MIEL JANE SOCKS - FLOR LIGHT  (prev group gift)
feathers - ::SPLIT PEA:: City of Dreams (prev hunt gift, now avail for 100L)
top  - Bai Bye - Ruffle Sweetheart Top (Teal) (1L bridge gift in Bill)
bandaids - Reek - Bandaids - Plain (99L/fatpk)
necklace - ::Happy Finds:: Wing It (0L limited time)
tat - [bubble] Bird love [Fresh] (0L group gift)
boots - amaama+ indian shoes red bean (prev lucky board item)
owlie friend - ~Scribble~ Owl Plush (prev 50L Fri item)
fingertats - (Medley) HandGun Hearts  (prev blogged)

pics taken @ butterdish
top: leafy
final: hold anim inside the owl

Thursday, April 8, 2010

mockingbird girl.

I love love love this song. This is a live version by Scott Weiland of a song he did w/The Magnificent Bastards, which was featured in the Tank Girl movie soundtrack (a now not-so-secret favourite of mine!).

T he other thing I have to tell you about is: The Dressing Room outlet. It is a collection of amazing clothing @ ridiculously afforable prices, from AMAZING designers (incl this dress from So Many Styles). I stumbled accidentally on this place today, and now I see it on the feeds. I guess everything is going to be between 40-70L, w/a rotating cast of designers every 2 weeks. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Outfit Deets:

hair - PE Rowe Teaparty (0L Crazy Ass Hair hunt gift)
skin - !Imabee: Mrs. Pinkie McSnuggles /Freckles/ (prev group gift)
dress - {SMS} Chiffon Dress Mauve for TDR (50L)
cardi  - {SMS} Leather Shrug Lila (0L prev hunt gift)
leggings - *Fukmi* Leopard Leggings - Pink  (store closed - I miss Fukmi, store and person!)
purse - :::Sn@tch Coffin Purse (Sacred Heart)::: (0L prev gift)
tat - DUBOO* skull hippie [front] (0L prev hunt gift)
flats - 50 flats grape and carrot confetti (DUIII item - no longer avail)

pics taken @ Aitui Mainstore
top: (with love & squalor) @ pose fair 2010
(I LOVE that Esme is opening her own store!)
middle poses: dismorph @pose fair 2010
last pic: part of 1 of the awesome vignettes scattered thru the store

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

her morning elegance.

I love, love, love this video and song - it's so imaginative and inspiring. I tried to find a fluffy cloudtype location to take these shots at, to capture that airy, dreamy feeling they both have, but all I could find were sex/Gor/Bloodlines/way more creepster type listings :^\ Total fail. BUT then I remembered the upper level of Tempura Island with their dreamy fields of flowers...

Outfit Deets:

hair - !lamb. Oh Sugar - Granny TINTED (300L/colourpk)
skin - L.Fauna {Lapine . Pale 2} [Faberge-FR] (0L subscribo group gift)
shorts - Pig - Laughing Kitten Shorts - Solid Seashell  (0L RPH gift)
cardi  - Pig - Sing Sing J Precious (0L prev group gift)
socks - Pig - Duotone Socks Mit Suspenders - Sherbet (1L Starlust Egg hunt)
tank - ::Happy Finds:: Skull Shirt (prev blogged)
hairband - *!tarnished :: Lovely Bones (0L Twisted Hunt gift)
tat - DUBOO* owl tattoo [front] (35L w/ many wear options)
flats - Lark - China Doll Flats (0L RPH gift)
fingertape - Sinistyle (prev blogged)

pics taken @ Tempura Island
all poses from PIDIDDLE , (pda) is dead - pose fair exclusively! or included in the bench 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

so you say.

I can't say how much I love this song. The retro-60s wall of sound makes me inutterably happy, and the message of the song does as well. Stupid Boys. They'll never learn. I think, perhaps, this outfit may be worn for awhile. I am super happy with it *clicks save full outfit* lol

Outfit Deets:

hair - !lamb. Stargaze - Twix w/ Floppy Hat (150L/2 styles Stumblebum item)
pants - NUT :: Huck Pants (Tight) (0L BTB Hunt gift)
skin - !Imabee: Pale - Vivian - Vivian Couldn't Sleep /Freckles/ (0L group gift)
vest - (Medley) Vests-PastelBlue (1L Spring Bazaar hunt item)
tee - ::Happy Finds:: Kitschy Cat Shirt (1L no longer avail)
top - Pig - Life on Mars Cream (0L prev 80's Hunt gift)
pipe - ~Scribble~ Bubble Pipe (Rainbow) (0L prev lucky board item)
finger tats - (Medley) Hand Gun-Hearts (1L Spring Bazaar hunt item)
flats - .+*(( Hani Flower lace shoes ))*+. (0L group gift, chk subscribo for giftcard)
socks - Pig - Socks Mit Suspenders - Clean White Sock (75L/colour)

pics taken @ NOAH'S ARK
all poses from Poses4Posers

Monday, April 5, 2010

dancing choose.

The second I put on these leggings, the only song I could think of was this awesomeness. I am half-dancing even now as I listen to the playback of TV's performance on Letterman. Amazing, "on-par with every time I've seen them live" performance, in front of a really lame crowd LOL Sounds a bit like Vancouver frankly... (Oh, and YES I AM singing this incoherently AND loudly.) 

Outfit Deets:

hair - !lamb. Stargaze - Kit Kat (150L/2 styles EXCLUSIVE Stumblebum item)
skin - NUT :: Pistachio Pale Light Brows - Stumbling (200L EXCLUSIVE Stumblebum item)
pants - [TUFT] Skreamin Zebra Leggins (1L Spring Bazaar hunt item)
finger tats - (Medley) Hand Gun-Hearts (1L Spring Bazaar hunt item)
glasses - Reek - Heart Shades (200L HUD-scripted for a million opt)
tee - [SC] Surf Couture - Down the Shore Tee (Graphic) - White (prev 50L Fri item)
top - Sweeter Than Candy Stripes Shirt Teal (0L prev subscribo gift)
scarf - ::[ Mr.Poet ]:: Wide Scarf (0L store opening gift)
kicks - ..::A.Y.Y::.. Raging Rainbow Sneakers (0L prev lucky board)
socks - Pig - Socks Mit Suspenders - Clean White Sock (75L/colour)

pics taken @ the new Pookie Promenade sim (many stores have opening gifties!)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

game theory.

This is one of my fave Roots songs (tho to be honest, there are a LOT of Roots songs I consider faves lol). When I saw that Prue had opened a pose/clothing store named theory., I ran over instantly, and this song kinda has been stuck in my head since then. 

Outfit Deets:

hair - !lamb. Oh Sugar - Powder w/ Black Roots (prev 50L Fri item)
pants - DeeTaleZ boyfriend shorts (290L w/diff belt options)
sweater/suspender vest - so what?++ (pants &prims not shown) (0L Lucky Board)
skin - !Imabee: Pale - Vivian - Vivian Couldn't Sleep / Freckles /(0L group gift)
top - **MIS** Casual Cami - Tangerine (0L subscribo gift - fatpk)
glasses - so what?++ bloodglass1 (0L in store gift)
necklace - *Ticky Tacky* Mi Corazon - Why Are You So Emo? (x3) (0L prev hunt gift)
boots - J's Laceup Short Boots (0L prev Xmas gift)
socks - Pig - Socks Mit Suspenders - Brown (0L prev Poop Hunt gift)
fingertape - SiniStyle (25L)

pics taken @ !imabee mainstore
all poses from theory. (amazing and SO well-priced!)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

feel good ending.

FINALLY! I am back! My interwebs were down for a WEEK due to some "yicketyblicketyupdatingyourservicethat worksfinewithouttheupdatesblahblahblah" rigamarole that my net provider came up with. Glory hallelujah the meltdown is over! That said.. I have a huge backlog of things I was wanting to show you... *sigh* ANYhooples - this band is a Boston bred favourite of mine. Complete happiness. And yes - these pics are a week old now, but yanno? I like them >.< 

Outfit Deets:

hair - [OH] Oh My Crow in black (DUII item no longer avail)
skirt - * bffae. - Controversal Skirt. [ Industrial ] (1L no longer avail)
glasses - Reek - Denton Shades (prev blogged)
skin - !Imabee: Pale - Vivian - Vivan Ate My Golden Watch / Freckles / (0L group gift)
sweater/scarf - [SOMAPOP] desert scarf button/ cardigan sweater cyan (0L Button Hunt items)
top - ::SUGARCUBE - Hearts tank (no longer avail)
kicks - ::Maschienenwerk:: LowTop II BLACK (0L prev blogged)
leggings - WWI Lacey Leggings 3 (0L prev group gift)
fingertape - SiniStyle (25L)
foods - *Sanu Teasing you with Torte (0L group gift)

I love this hidden little nook. I often will go here when I'm all on my own (which, admittedly, is pretty often lol), and read some of the virtual books/poetry.
all of these awesome poses come from Dismorph

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

upside down stars.

I don't know how many of you will know this guy - but Ian Adams is a favourite Boston artist of mine, and this vid is a perfect stripped-down performance gem: just a man, a ukelele and a cellar. Magic in the making. (PS get this album: Stay Up Late. kthxbai)

Outfit Deets:

hair - I LOVE OLIVE- SERENA/ MAJESTIC (1L/fatpk @ Enky's new designer 1L store)
skirt - *League* Thermal Skirt -Multistripe- (0L prev subscribo gift)
jacket - SD Wears Ovation Jacket (0L prev subscribo gift)
skin - !Imabee: Mrs. Pinkie McSnuggles /Freckles/ (0L group gift @ Circle Project)
top - Sh*t Happens - Black Rainbow Splatter Tee (no longer avail)
socks - Sh*t Happens Socks - White (black) (50L/fatpack)
necklace - * [DIAPOP] * ::dp necklace:: (1L on 2nd flr)
boots - edge grafica engineer boots (prev blogged LOTS lol)
leggings - WWI Lacey Leggings 3 (0L prev group gift)
fingertape - SiniStyle (25L)
piercing - .:ellabella:. Pure Garbage (prev blogged)

pics taken @ Dismorph. mainstore (last pic) & Staten Island (an AWESOME NYC build)
all poses from Dismorph.

 (I started a little bit of layering with this one. Still subtly done as I have no idea what I'm doing yet lol)