Wednesday, April 7, 2010

her morning elegance.

I love, love, love this video and song - it's so imaginative and inspiring. I tried to find a fluffy cloudtype location to take these shots at, to capture that airy, dreamy feeling they both have, but all I could find were sex/Gor/Bloodlines/way more creepster type listings :^\ Total fail. BUT then I remembered the upper level of Tempura Island with their dreamy fields of flowers...

Outfit Deets:

hair - !lamb. Oh Sugar - Granny TINTED (300L/colourpk)
skin - L.Fauna {Lapine . Pale 2} [Faberge-FR] (0L subscribo group gift)
shorts - Pig - Laughing Kitten Shorts - Solid Seashell  (0L RPH gift)
cardi  - Pig - Sing Sing J Precious (0L prev group gift)
socks - Pig - Duotone Socks Mit Suspenders - Sherbet (1L Starlust Egg hunt)
tank - ::Happy Finds:: Skull Shirt (prev blogged)
hairband - *!tarnished :: Lovely Bones (0L Twisted Hunt gift)
tat - DUBOO* owl tattoo [front] (35L w/ many wear options)
flats - Lark - China Doll Flats (0L RPH gift)
fingertape - Sinistyle (prev blogged)

pics taken @ Tempura Island
all poses from PIDIDDLE , (pda) is dead - pose fair exclusively! or included in the bench 

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