Monday, April 19, 2010

the girl got hot.

Song For This Post: Weezer - The Girl Got Hot

So this post was inspired by Project Themeory, an awesome collection of stores presenting limited time themed items from weekend to weekend (some vendors still had their items out today, so join the inworld group to grab a list - otherwise, join up and wait for next week!). This first look doesn't feature anything from this particular weekend's theme *cough* which was "Geek Chic", BUT it does fit in with the theme! I swear. The second features a few items from Project Themeory tho, and I have another post in the works for tomorrow, as really, there is so much awesome stuffs <3.

Oh, and the song? Weezer is the ultimate Geek Chic band IMHO (as well as a cpl of others you'll be seeing in the next few posts). I would eat Rivers Cuomo on ice cream. Actually I would eat Matt Sharp (frmr Weezer member, to be featured tom heehee) AND him all up without the ice cream. *swoons* That said - the song works awesome for this - the underrated geeky girl who suddenly blossoms into the super hot chick she was allllll along, without losing her real self.

First Outfit:

hair - [kik] hair -Cynthia (1L * Tic Tac Toe *opening gift)
skin - *Sanu Pink Day Skin (0L group gift for Pink Shirt Day)
(because it should never be discussed/shown awareness only for 1 day)
gummi worm - *Sanu Gummy worm gacha (15L/try!! trans ok!!!!!)
top  - Salsa! Rex Plaid Manly Shirt - Fruity (0L Skipping Stones hunt gift)
cardi - Pig - Sing Sing Celadon (purch during 50% off sale)
socks - Frop! Gym Socks Pink Stripes (0L fatpk Lucky Board item)
skirt - [astraia] Denim Mini - Orange  (part of 50L outfit @ Spring Bazaar)
glasses - /artilleri/ Gladys glasses (prev subscribo join gift)
necklace - !BF! Promo Big Cheese Necklace - Silver (1L)
tat - [bubble] Bird love [Fresh] (prev blogged)
shoes - .:Periquita TooToo Shoe Dots Green Brown:. (200L/fatpk!!!!! in the Secret Outlet bunker)
fingertats - (Medley) HandGun Hearts  (prev blogged)

pics taken @ BOOM! mainstore
Poses from dismorph

Second Look:

pillows! - Molto Bene! - Project Themory Geek Chic Week! (50L)
lolly - *Sanu Skully Lollipop Purple (gacha item! 20L/try, trans ok!)
hair - !lamb. Ambrosia - Rotten Carrot (prev 50L Fri item)
cardi - MIASNOW CORDON BLU shrug  (OOOOOOOld gift)
dress - NUT :: Bloom Dress (Light Orange) - Beautiful Bloom (160L limited time!)
skin - *Sanu Pink Day Skin (0L group gift for Pink Shirt Day)
shoes - .:Periquita TooToo Shoe Dots Yellow Blue:. (200L/fatpk!!!!! in the Secret Outlet bunker)
finger tats - (Medley) Hand Gun-Hearts (prev blogged)
glasses - Tooter Claxton's fiftiesGlasses2 (0L)
socks - Schadenfreude Autumn Bawdy Socks (prev 50L Fri item)

pics taken @ classroom
poses from dfo! for Project Themeory (w/pillow pose)


  1. i love how you always bring in the oldie but goodie freebs to mash up a completely new and constantly adorable look each time....layering ftw!~%

  2. i'm such a layering fiend lol..

    but yeah, i am the kind of person who always has stuff that i love to wear irl, and it holds over into sl.. idk, i think sometimes my blogging is a fail, in comparison to others, because i'm so rarely "current" from head to toe. i just do it for me though lol so i do the things i love. if i were being smart i would say that i "meant to bring to light items and designers that get forgotten for the next new thing". but.. i only just thought of that, so it's too late now