Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Song For This Post: Greg Dulli - Pussywillow

Greg Dulli (for those of you who don't know) is/was the lead singer of the Afghan Whigs, and the Twilight Singers. He oozes this sultry sexualised adoration and love that just GETS me everytime, every song. I've said it before, I'll say it again.. PURE sex-onna-stick, but his sex is one that has meaning, that goes beyond simple flesh and temporary itches being scratched. Yum.

Outfit Deets:

hair - ((JUNWAVE)) MARIE(TypeB)*ORANGE-BROWN* (0L prev group gift)
skin - !MangoMango! Mod Mod World Pale (0L Starlust Egg Hunt gift)
dress - :Liriope: ox dress (1LTic Tac Toe opening gift)
socks - MIEL JANE SOCKS - FLOR LIGHT  (prev group gift)
feathers - ::SPLIT PEA:: City of Dreams (prev hunt gift, now avail for 100L)
top  - Bai Bye - Ruffle Sweetheart Top (Teal) (1L bridge gift in Bill)
bandaids - Reek - Bandaids - Plain (99L/fatpk)
necklace - ::Happy Finds:: Wing It (0L limited time)
tat - [bubble] Bird love [Fresh] (0L group gift)
boots - amaama+ indian shoes red bean (prev lucky board item)
owlie friend - ~Scribble~ Owl Plush (prev 50L Fri item)
fingertats - (Medley) HandGun Hearts  (prev blogged)

pics taken @ butterdish
top: leafy
final: hold anim inside the owl