Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Song For This Post: Sting - Fragile

Today is Pink Shirt Day.. A day that was started in Canada, after a boy got bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. His school rallied around him, and a group of boys decided to wear pink shirts to show support. But today I feel only sadness. Today I can only think of Phoebe Prince. She was a beautiful soul.. relentlessly bullied day in and day out - at school, at home, online, via text msg, and everybody knew. EVERYBODY - teachers, "friends", the principal. And not one person did one goddamned thing. Not the school, not her peers.. NOONE. On Jan 14th, 2010, after yet another day of constant harassment, incl a Red Bull can being thrown at her head on the way home from school, she walked in her door, up to her room, and hung herself. Even after her suicide, the menace persisted; comments were plastered all over her facebook, her family's sites, anything online that mentioned her name. She is gone now, and noone can ever take back what was done to her. I feel so beyond horror, so beyond tears. Pink shirts might not have saved her.. but someone could have. Someone could have helped pull her out of the personal hell she was in. Will you be that person, for the next Phoebe Prince?


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  1. I remember hearing about Phoebe and had no words. I still don't. How alone & hopeless she must have felt.

    Thank you for educating me about pink shirt day. I had not heard about it until this moment.

  2. i'm so glad this touched you, as it has me. i think it's a subject that should be discussed every day! she's not the 1st to give up on it all, she's not the youngest, and unfotunately she may not be the last, but we can all try, right?