Monday, April 19, 2010

santa monica

Song For This Post: Jay Malinowski - Santa Monica

This is a song/album I am currently addicted to. Jay Malinowski is the lead singer for Bedouin Soundclash, though his solo release is nothing like their sound. It's haunting and lonely, and just gorgeous. His version of this Bedouin Soundclash song is so heartwrenching, with a completely beautiful vid to go with..

Also: I am using two looks today I've had sitting in my blog folder for awhile cos I just couldn't get to it last week. Both feature the Springy skin in Pale from Plastic Flowers (25L/2 tones), the DUBOO owl tat (35L). and the Medley hand tats from the Spring Bazaar; both tats I've been wearing for ages, and most likely will continue doing so lol.

First Look:

pillow! - Molto Bene! - Huggable Pillow! [ wear & click ] (prev 50L Fri item - now 100L) 
(clickscripted for a TON of adorable prints incl this awesomeness of bacon <3))
hair - fri. - Jasmine.2 - Cranky Brown (250L/colourpk)
pjs - ~*RunoRuno*~ Teddy  (0L RPH gift)
tee - [Miseria] Koi Koi - Red/Gold (0L RPH gift)
flats - DUBOO* Supermarket shoes [red packet sp.1] (0L RPH gift)
socks - Pig - Socks Mit Suspenders - Fire Engine Red (prev group gift)

poses from my AO w/pillow

Second Look:

hair - Clawtooth: Fancy fancy - Coco (prev 50L Fri item)
top  - Pig - Irregular Guayabera - Eggshell (0L group gift)
socks - Pig - Duotone Socks Mit Suspenders - HUZZAH!!! (1L Starlust egg hunt)
wedges - *Kookie* Powder Puff (prev 50L Fri item)
shorts - Emery - High Waist Short  (prev instore gift)
panties - Schadenfreude Heartkini Bottom (prev hunt gift)
glasses - Reek - Denton Shades (prev blogged)
necklace - ::Happy Finds:: Tiger Dancer (0L RPH hunt gift)
bag - :sey mini-trunk -L (0L group gift)

pics taken @ Old New York
Poses: Free*Style


  1. lol you say santa monica this is my first musical thought: i think i'm getting old?

  2. lol! i know! everytime i think of the title, there is a weird mixture of the 2 songs that goes on in my head..