Wednesday, April 29, 2009

idk - but i love it!

I read Uncle Wiggily's blog/Flickr religiously so when I saw this post ( I hopped into the update group immediately. And then today I woke up to a loverly surprise review folder from Esme. I squealed. Yes. I did.

I am seriously in love with idk - from the name to the teensiest pixel, it is awesome. A partnership between Esme Michigan (Uncle Wiggily) and Chav Paderborn (The Steamstress), it fuses the strengths of both into a sleek line of scenester clothes that I really truly would wear for reals. Me want. *frowny eyes* There is such attention paid to every detail and texture, just as we've come to expect from these two, and nothing disappoints.

Everything I saw seems to retail at around 100L (single pieces) - 250L (for a complete outfit). There are also adorable bangles and some super cute hair I'll be showing in a later post. I'm going to show a bit of the NC Esme passed on, and then I'll shutup so you can look at my picture "spammage":

The sim is still under construction, but you could join "idk Updates Group", the join URL is: (
We'll post the LM as a group notice on the 2nd.
Also!! ~~~~ Our opening party will be Saturday May 2nd, 11am SLT (2pm East Coast Esme time, 7pm Greenwich Paderborn Mean Time). You are invited, as are your readers.If ur online, PLEASE COME. THERE WILL BE FREEBIES.

Now for the loverliness -

All clothes worn are from idk - except for:
*Aitui armtubes (50L)
*M's Black Engineer boots (Lucky Chair)
*Rock Candy Sketchi hair in Black (50L during an old sale i think?)
*Fear & Clothing's Bat Wifebeater (1L - shown with leopard capris)
*Steamstress corset (group gift - shown with vintage red bell skirt)
*Snatch Elfie ears (lucky chair)
*and as usual - lessthan3 skin , Rave Nation choker, and Sinistyles finger tape (all prev blogged)


  1. Hi, can I ask where is the top from in this pic, please: ? :)

  2. oh sure! I got it at FEAR AND CLOTHING.. here's a slurl -