Friday, April 24, 2009

Splatterpainted Reekin' Goodness

Hey everyone! I've gotta tell you about two newly favourite stores. Reek (new mainstore just opened up in Area 408 of Starlust), and Riq has some subscribo-ly goodness for peoples who come by to clicky-click join, as well as a wicked 80s style skating rink for 1L that you've seen blogged everywhere. Plus - tho I've not yet bought them, belts of wonder and dead cupcake shirts of doom that I must own. Must and WILL. And then I'll take pretty pictures for you all to look at. Yes. All three of you.

There are 2 shirts currently available for suscribo groupers - I've only shown one, as pank (which says OHAI and is really cool trust me) isn't so much my thing, and anyone who knows me, knows I say dude way too often for someone who comes from the East Coast.

I've also got on a pair of jeans I have seriously been LUSTING after for DAYS from my second new favourite store, Riddle (older store, new favourite of mine). The lucky chair at Riddle has 5 different washes of these paint splattered jeans. I will most likely go back and just buy the light grey wash (100L still SUCH a deal) cos the mean chair throws out so few J's I wanna cry. These come in a three pack with full, capri, and short lengths, with prim cuffs to match for all.

All these shots were taken @ Oubliette in the most amazing vardo that I am going to buy this week, and then finally find some small little corner of land/sky to rent that will allow saaaay 200 prims or so, and this lil Traveller will finally have her dreamvardo home base *squeeeee* This particular one is called the Steamed Holly and is only 1200L. Seriously, as I sit in this.. I feel like I am at home already, and I've not yet found my domicile. Saiyge has such painstaking attention to details and colour *swoon*

Reek! Dude Tee - subscribo gift (
Thimbles Henry Hybrid Shirt - group gift (
Riddle! Splatter Jeans - lucky chair/100L (
Rock Candy Hair (prev. blogged) - 100L for 5 colours (
Vardo Area on Oubliette - they come in both furnished w/poses and unfurnished empty versions, with many different styles to choose from! - (

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