Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sepia Faeling aka I'm Baaack!

So I took an admittedly LOONG break from blogging, for which there were many reasons i will not get into. *grin* So I have a backlog of stuff I want to blog about now, and this first post will be very picture heavy - something I've heard people don't like, apparently, but something I enjoy. So there *sticks tongue out*

I spent my day @ the Cream Shop mainstore sim Rainy Town, and I am so in love with this place. I'll explain the details of my outfit now, to get it out of the way. weeee.. anarchy!

[RockBerry]'s ubiquitous Character Skin (group gift - LOVE it)
PixelDolls Revolver outfit (50L during a long ago sale)
bOOn's messy hair (0L - which i tinted)
EyeFidelity's Reflections eyes - The Far Away eyes (1L)
/NoLabel/ Drunken Cowboy Boots (group gift from awhile back)
and my beloved Uncle Wiggily antlers (1L)

My journey into Rainy Town begins (as always click for a larger pic):

Playing at the water's edge, dreaming of.. well I'll keep that to myself. *winsome smile*

Next I took a browse through the vinyl shop:

I finished out my visit (and where I am still currently hanging out as I type this) having met a new friend:

Bosco (that's his name) says hi

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