Thursday, March 5, 2009


In between the ridiculous crash session that was SL yesterday, I spent my time hanging out at Oubliette, exploring new nooks and crannies, and discovering secrets I had not known existed! I love its ever changing nature, and general air of tranquility and peace (with some wry mischievousness sprinkled in). I do think this is a place I will bring my friends more and more often to just hang out, or play Lewis and Clarke with.

This is me and my friend Roark (he's the designer of some pretty amazing hoodies etc that i've blogged before, and is working on a whole new set I hope to be able to show you soon!) We spent some time crashing, chatting, and really just hanging out in a way I've missed. The willow we are sitting on, and that I am lounging against in the first picture, has multiple sit poses, which is excellent for group gatherings, one on one time, or for photos (450L). There are many scattered such pieces from the different vendors tucked around Oubliette that are available for sale, so you can take home a little bit of the magic for yourself!

The gorgeous clock ruins you see behind me (499L!!) also includes multiple poses, and is a favourite piece of mine.

My outfit details are as follows:
Slow Kitchen Chocolate Dot dress (0L lucky chair gift)
Uncle Wiggily patchwork antlers (1L yes I barely take these off)
Sweeter Than Candy suede boots (0L group gift!!! JOIN the subscribo ASAP)
Magika Poof hair (200L for 5 tones)
lessthan3 l'via l'viaquez skin (fanstasma opening gift, no longer available)
Shiny Things Wood Elf necklace (1L @ the Gnubie Store)
Zaara Cornelian bangle and earrings (previously blogged)
lace stockings (I've had FOREVER - not sure where they're from)

Oubliette -

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