Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the blower's daughter.

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This post is another fast one about two amazing finds I made today which are PERFECT for Halloween, or any day, should you be so inclined. One is due to Beanie's blog *hooks a thumb at my bloglist*; this gorgeous group gift from *Kiitos!. It's instore, along with the above pose. Intricate texturing and softness.. this will be a definite fave of mine for sure.

Next is this skin I found while exploring Silent Sparrow's sim. I found Achariya's storefront for Bitter Ink, and while peeking around inside, found a box with two Starlight skin mods Ach had created (0L). This one is the "plain" one. I LOVE the ghostly, sweet details, and the lips are gorgeously kissable. Yeah. I said it. What?

Also worn is Tiny Bird's Millionaire hair (prev 50L Frio offering), last years' Halloween gift socks from WWI, prev blogged piercings from ellabella (1L modded slightly) and edge grafica's engineer boots (1L). The two close up shots were taken @ Kunstkammer's Quick Rezz Skybox area, and the others were at Wretched Hollow. The pose below came from Somatica.

bitter ink -

kiitos -

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