Thursday, September 17, 2009

my cosmic autumn rebellion.

For my next autumn look, I am showcasing lessthanthree's phoebe group gift in the summer makeup. I so love the light dusting of freckles and gently pink tinge - like the last fading of a summer sunburn. Lovely.

The gorgeous tunic and skirt I am wearing is from Oyakin - a store I am excited to see has rebuilt and even creating such new gorgeous flowy garments that I have not seen on the grid,
ethereal floating layers, including some with soft glow. You can buy them separately for 100L or so each, or together in this sweet outfit for 150L.

My accessories for this outfit are very simple, and things, for the most part, that I have had for a long time. My hair and necklace are both 50L Friday items I've previously blogged. The armwarmers are from a store called shu*shu which I am afraid seems to have disappeared. My boots are from J's (0L prev group gift), and the socks are from magi take (20L fat pack).

All poses are from MNK's Switch opening gift, and were taken at the Tempura sim. Here's 2 pics just because I think they are loverly.

oyakin* -
tempura island -
lessthanthree -

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