Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Library!

So tonight I was wandering around, exploring, as I happened upon this awesome club called The Library. The owner was there, and we chatted while I snapped these pics. It isn't finished completely yet, but I can tell you, this will be a home away from home. All warm and cozy, and with Athena looking for DJs to spin some eclectic indie type musics, I know I'll fit right in! Plan to see a lot more about this club as it opens in September!

My outfit tonight consists of my usual mashup of old and new, free and not.. And it perfectly suited my mood, comfy and cute, with a touch of the quirky thrown in. I am sitting in my sailboat listening to the rain POUR down in torrential sheets right now, swaddled in blankets, and if I wasn't in jammas, this is what I would want to wear irl.

This look started with the amazing cardigan from OhMai!. This was the opening 0L gift for the Switch sim (which is part of the creator's pavilion group). It comes in so many other colours, and I can tell you, I will be grabbing quite a few and making them a staple in my wardrobe. Once I had the cardi, I knew that I had to wear the Skipping Stones hunt gift from (epoque). I adore these glasses!

The hair is also from OhMai! and is a special version of Tiffee created exclusively for the Designer's United "jellyfish" exhibition, now over. It was 300L for a pack of 5 colours. With this, I am wearing Pig Shop's Alphabet City snug fit shirt (50L during a former 50L Friday), and the Vigoss jeans from A.Y.Y. (1L - now replaced with a different, yet equally awesome pair of jeans for 1L). My kicks are the same 0L ones from Maschienenwerk I blogged previously, but in white this time, and my skin is also the same from the previous post.

All pics, except the hair closeup, were taken @ The Library, and the poses from LAP (0L chubby girl pack from the poop hunt - I swear though, these poses work the best for my hips! Don't kill me Dove, I think I did them justice)

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ohmai @ switch -
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