Wednesday, September 9, 2009


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This is another quickie - Sugarcube is offering a free gift if you complete a quick survey about prim resizer scripts. Go join the subscribo, and fill out the suvey here: ( Then go to the store and click the sign. When prompted, copy and paste the code you are given from the survey and wham! New dress thankyouverymuchels.

With such a sweet, proper dress, I felt I needed to really edge it out. I stopped by &bean and discovered that she has a sale going on with her angry girl line - AND two editions of the Angry Girl skins on special for 50L. I love the beat up, yet totally like "yeah and, sucka? Imma kick you ass" yet completely angelic face. Once I had the skin, I knew I needed something really messy, really striking and different. I checked my notices for Red Queen just to see the new releases and found this awesome new hair gift called Honeymoon. Perfect! Don't you just want to kiss my booboos away?

To finish out the look, I pulled out the awesome tattoo that is one of the current (and numerous) group gifts available at i love 13. I can't get over how it sits so perfectly along the collarbones. Were I that brave, I would love this tat irl. No joke. To round it all out, I'm wearing the Katat0nik stockings that came with the purple Sakura dress, and my prev blogged engineer boots and Church of Luxe top. Have you noticed that I often tend to pull at least one piece over from my previous blog? It isn't intentional, but you know? It shows that everything in your closet has potential to work with many different looks. Think outside the box, girls (and guys, you're not exempt from the fashion).

All poses are from [LAP], and I snuck into the Wastelands, I think confusing them all with my lack of weaponry and poofy skirt.

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