Saturday, September 12, 2009

cherish the broken ones.

Okay so I really meant to blog this Wednesday, and then have another post for yesterday, but I am currently so sick that I want to just keel over. SO I am combining them into one megapost for today. The thing is, though, they DO actually go together, and sort of give a 3 looks/one base outfit dimension to this post. Unfortunately, 50L Friday is over, so hopefully you weren't relying on my blog for the reminder *winces*. All shots were taken at The Stringer Mausoleum's eerie homestore.

The base pieces I used in this post are:

The awesome slit leggings from GiGi Couture (1L instore gift)
&bean group gift skin
Uncle Wiggily cherub horns (0L no longer available, the creator has disappeared),
Lazy Places Ungulate Boots (I forget! I bought them during a sale, that much I remember, but it was some time ago..)
i love 13 group gift tat

First Look:

This look highlights a few of my 50L Friday finds:

This Is A Fawn - Bloody Vneck

lamb - Egomaniacal Black Roots Pack

(pda) - Billy Childish pose pack (used in these two photos).

Second Look:

For this look, I am wearing:

Milk Motion's incredible My Belted Jacket (50L during the previous 50L Friday event)

The Stringer Mausoleum hair (above photo - Anenome Rocker Pack (50L/colour pack); below photo - RoosterHawk Rocker Pack (25L/colour pack)

Did you notice the CRAZY prices for TSM's hair??!! Yes, Helena is having an unbelievable sale. I don't know how long this will last, but prices range from 25L -100L, if I remember correctly. Get yourself over there NOW or you might miss out!

Third Look:

And finally, for this one, I have on:

the instore dress gift from HOTCH POTCH (0L)

Cogsmistress hair from TSM (0L Steampunk hunt gift - which is how I found out about the hair sale in the first place!)

[LAP] poses - (0L poop Hunt gifts)

These outfits were all inspired by a poem I wrote, which I've posted with the two above pics on my Flickr. The link to my photostream is on the left if you are interested in reading.

The Stringer Mausoleum:




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