Monday, September 7, 2009


Just a super quick post to show you all about the loverliness I just got over @'s tag sale. Everything in the store is either 50, 75, or 100L. I picked up the Lola hairstyle in the browns pack of 4 for 75L, as well as this awesome long cardi in grey. I got the pack that has all three lengths of sleeves: long, scrunched, and short. It is a steal at 100L, though you can buy individual cardis at 75L.

Yes I am wearing the Pig Shop shirt I just blogged, and the kicks in a different colour that I have talked about in two previous post - i tend to obsess. Plus, it is just a quickie for you to get your butt over to and buy up some goodness while the sale is still going!! My glasses are from Miel, and were last month's subscribo gift - the Bella Peepers. Get in on this group already! And patronise the store, as a thank you to the designer. I also have on the A.Y.Y. jeans I talked about earlier - the new dollarbie she is offering. Also, check out her camping chairs, lucky boards and her heart hunt. Woo.. she is generous!

Finally, all my poses come from (pda) and I loooove this store's poses. Super unique! Go check them out - they always have something cool cooking... -
miel -
(pda) -

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