Tuesday, September 22, 2009

this is halloween.

Just a quickie to jump the gun on my 3rd fave holiday (eclipsed only by my birthday and St. Pat's). And also to squeal over {frick}'s new group gift - the maraud group gift skin and eyes in group only colours! These come in a pack with awesome Neko skins in two tones. I'm showing the peach tone here, along with the incredible Neko eyes. I love these!

The wicked piercings I have on are a just released dollarbie from ellabella, who makes some of the most gorgeous piercings I've seen. My hair is from Tiny Bird - KissyKissy (0L from the Poop Hunt). The horns and wings are from Uncle Wiggily, which, very sadly, no longer exists.

My outfit is pieces from Sn@ tch; the Libertine outfit (50L during a long ago Riot Vend session). Still available, and at a reasonable price (I want to say 250L but I'm not certain anymore). These were the first proper bloomers I saw in SL, and I loved them from the moment I saw them. My chest tattoo is the Midnight Mania gift offered by Tarnished, one of two boards @ the Cuppycakeums sim that are not nearly frequented enough!

The first two pics are taken @ Ellabella's homestore, and use poses from my LiNe AO, and the last two feature [LAP] poses, and were taken at the eerie Wretched Hollow.

MM boards @ cuppycakeums - http://slurl.com/secondlife/Towaru/98/114/666 (click on the tp board to the deer park)
{frick} -
wretched hollow - http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wretched%20Hollow/145/126/33
ellabella - http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rome%20For%20Life/235/192/1501

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