Friday, November 20, 2009

empty houses

Song For This Post:  Empty Houses by Leerone

This is going to be a very quick one with lots of pictures *grin* All shots were taken at the Drowsy Autumn Carnival.. and the song is one that haunts me and so seemed to fit the eerie feel Drowsy always contains.

Outfit Details:

i love 13 - springtime deer antlers (0L group gift)
OhMai - Lippin Denim Tunic (0L Sunny Sim Trick or Treat Hunt)
Elate! - Tuli sweater in Burnt Orange (new item)
Miel - Lo Refurbished Socks  (0L group gift)
W&Y - Bunny Hop Hair Gift (0L)
irEn - Shane Nude skin (0Lgroup gift)
Plastik - Jerusalem eyes in BlueBrown (in the 1L Nov Gift pack)

Standing poses are from (pda) and Lazy Places, respectively.
 Here's some more pictures .. just cos i couldn't resist taking them.

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  1. you look so cute. i'm going to visit this location.