Monday, October 5, 2009

the woods.

So, this is the post I was intending on doing when my modem went kaputski.. The hair may no longer be available, and if not, I apologise mightily! It's an incredibly detailed cap/hair combo from Waka & Yuki (0L instore Fall Gift).

The wicked coat is from Maschienwerk - a store I've blogged about before. This Navy Pea Coat is 0L (as is everything else at this location) and is completely resizable, so both sexes can wear it comfortably. The scarf is a gift from last year's Halloween by G Field, and the jeans are from The Plastik (Skinnah Halftone in Inertia - 0L former group gift). The boots are by J's (3way engineer boots 400L/colour).

This skin is one I've previously blogged, from lessthanthree - part of the Phoebe preview group gifts Nykki lavished upon us. I love the light dusitng of freckles across the nose this Summer makeup has. She is selling her Phoebe line of skins @ the skin fair, so please, pop in and see how unique her skins are.

The poses come from MNK, and all pictures were taken at the gorgeous Magic of Oz sim - home to the namy memorably creative hunts we have all loved (and look forward to attending again!).

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