Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gypsy Soul Loverliness...

This will be a relatively short post, for me, as I am exhausted and have a gazillion things to do! I just had to blog this though - the romantically simple new outfit from ~Gypsy Soul~. I was so surprised to log in the other day and see a message from Solitude Hermit, and this lovely ensemble! What a gracious designer.. I can't get over the detailing in the shirt and poofy cuffs, and I think the sculpty cuffs on the jeans may be my favourites in Second Life, soft and slouchy and very natural looking. Not to mention the texture and the very natural rise, flattering and feminine without being overtly sexual, ie. "here's my cooch y'all".

Solitude shows all of the same precision and care with all of her creations, and many of the textures, if not all, are hand drawn. I can't say enough good things about this relatively new label!

I knew instantly that I had to wear the soft ETD hair I've blogged about previously, and the caLLie cLine group gift flats are just the PERFECT match in tone and colour for the outfit. I paired it with a simple bead necklace from Shiny Things @ the Gnubie Store (1L) and the POE gift earrings also mentioned in earlier posts.

Thank you again to Solitude, and please patronise her store, as her work is well affordable (ranging from 150L for select separates to 350L for entire outfits) and just beautiful!

All of my shots here were taken at the Wintergarden Of Dreams sim - maybe one of my favourite winter sims, along with ~silentsparrow~'s and the Magic of Oz - aside from the last which was taken waiting for the lucky chair at Sn@tch..


  1. I really and truly enjoy the subtle femininity of this ensemble, nothing harsh in the fabric ro color choices to push things over the top, looks like something you might actually wear in RL. I also really love the soft ETD hair, it has a lot of wonderful layers and sweeping tresses that beckon me to nuzzle.

  2. I agree, Gypsy Soul designs are amazing. Your skin is so pretty! I wish I knew where to get it ;)

  3. Beryl - it's a limited edition free gift from lessthan3 - unfortunately no longer available BUT I think she still has a free release gift of her new skins @ her mainstore (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Vodou/172/44/34) and this group is a must to be in as she gives advance notice of her multiple gifts etc.. and her skins are amongst my absolute favourite in SL