Monday, February 2, 2009

Week Of Randomness

So really I don't even know where to begin with this blog.. It shows a whole lotta sides of me, and really had no coherency except that I'm in it. haha I've been trying to wrap my mind around how to make these all one post - as I am too lazy-feeling to split them up as I properly should. *gasp* I'm breaking blog rules!

Part 1

This first outfit is me channeling my inner Victorian Goth.. upscale stylie. It was inspired by the Domestic V skins that were offered for a very brief time for 1L each and based on different vampire classes. There were 8 in all offered, and I'm wearing the Nicolette skin. They are still avaialble for a reduced price, I believe, but not 1L that's for sure!

I just knew exactly what I needed for this look - The "Winter In London" coat I won from The Black Canary's lucky chair. I love the ornate yet simple flowing lines of his work - and I will soon be dedicating an entire post just to him I promise. ^-^

I'm also wearing the awesome boots I blogged about in my Scribble blog.. (I love these! So elegant.) Also - gloves from Sn@tch (part of an older group gift OL - join her subscribo. you won't regret it), whose brocade designs meshed so well with the detailing on my scarf, and a mini tophat from Izumiya - which I can't stop wearing! For 1L - to get such quality work in an accessory is rare! I also have the Kaori hair from Goldilocks - yet another Lucky Chair Gift.. AND best of all - an exquisite monocle courtesy of Sanu (0L group gift - word to the wise - join ASAP!! She may be closing the group to open enrollment soon and she offers so many group gifts and special sales on her teensytiny primmed masterpieces your head WILL spin)

All in all my outfit cost a grand total of 1L! Not too shabby eh? I can't stress enough how great Lucky Chairs are - and it's a good place to meet new people or do some inventory sorting while you wait for your letter to pop up!

Part 2

This next outfit, I think I'm channeling my inner riot grrl, Joan Jett even..
It centers around the new group gift from Worldwide Industries- the Kiss mini sweater, and the Raggedy socks from Sn@tch. I just love it.

Underneath the sweater I am wearing a sheer, tattered and bloody wifebeater from Sn@tch that I got as part of Lucky Chair pants set called Gun Bunny, along with these awesome arm tubes I got from Aitui (0L opening gift) in Shadow. I believe they're regularly 50L per colour, so, still, a good price for a neat item. Jelly bangles of retro goodness come from Woo's - and I couldn't find this store last time I looked for it! Sadness. These were 50L for both right and left, in matte and shiny black options - I've had them FORever..

My hair is a wicked group gift from Rock Candy, and I just have to say, I love ALL the hair from this designer. Very edgy - and it has to be special to pull me out of my usual brunette look. I also have on one of the first boots I bought in SL, the Thrashers from Darkstar Designs. It's a label that I think has folded since, but I miss them. Gaia's boots and other clothes were, and still are, very me! Awesome roughedged details, and perfect for grunging up a frilly outfit, or for tromping around the dingy areas of SL.

oh and just cos? Me on Bunneh! (haha Meta beat you to it! Still wanna see your version, slvain as I am. Next time stop doing the electric slide and we'll use you as a model)

Part 3

This next bit is just for the sheer fun of it. My good friend Roark (Clubhouse Designs owner - plugplug.. blogged him previously) went and made a great SL splurge of.. a JET!!! And I got to go on a flight!

Upon looking at this photo, you have to wonder why I don't have a safety mask or helmet or any other safety gear. Especially as the first time out Ro crashed into the ocean, and I got jailed by someone's security system til it crashed SL. The second time (and landing) were WAY more successful and the following shots are from that. Thanks Ro! Way fun!

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  1. *Hums "Leaving On a Jet Plane"*

    The Vampy Toreador look really favored you and was one of my clan choices in a previous unlife.

    I have a few shots of you being violated by that giant bunny as well going into the weekly rabbi- er.. wrap up.

    Guess I wasn't the only one feeling the love on that one.