Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Uncle Wiggily = Whimsy

I don't remember how I first discovered Uncle Wiggily, but I do remember the second I saw the name, I knew it was a store I would love. I was given an Uncle Wiggily board game as a child from a Santa who was at a special Christmas showing of Bambi in the theatre. I loved that game, and still do. Esme has grown her designs exponentially from her first little store showcasing just a few of her watercoloury beautiful creations, to her now dreamlike HQ. I decided I was far overdue showing you her wonderfully whimsical wearable art (say that 3x fast!), and for all you new or thrifty shoppers - she makes a LARGE portion at 0-1L, and fairly prices everything else she offers. This post WILL be heavily picture-laden because honestly I could not help myself!

All of these were shot at the Uncle Wiggily mainstore (and yes! there are bunnehs ^-^). I know I should have featured many more of her designs, but I was having too much fun flouncing around as a pretty little fey girl to remember wardrobe changes. I am incorrigible. I will break down what I'm wearing throughout the post with pricing, and I'm fairly certain it will blow your mind!

First up my lovely peony crown (1L!!) - the kind I always tried to make as a little wren, but that always fell apart and never looked the way I thought it should from my fairytale books. The wings (again 1L!) are colour change with three different options, all of which make me think of the 70s patterns, but softer colours.

(Benjamin Bunneh blinked midsnap)

I've got on the lessthan3 Vain Inc hunt submission (0L), Anelo hair from fascino (everything is 50L - RUN!), the pottery necklace (0L) is TOSL's gift from the Starlust Litter hunt awhile back, engineer boots from edge grafica (0L 15min camping), and *an* multicoloured tights (1L, but I'm unsure if they're still available). The bangles are both Uncle Wiggily group gifts (0L, but now can be purchased for 1L each I believe) and the choker is a set of 5 different colour combinations (1L).

The dreamy patchwork skirt is just 1L, as is the autumn shirt. I love Esme's deft hand with soft natural colours and themeing.

My bubble is from the lucky chairs at HPMD (set of 5 with different poses) and check out my HANDS! These are bunneh and bear typing animations. When you type in public chat, they appear and you put on a handpuppet show for your friends (0L, much blogged about, yet still beloved)

And finally, one last bunneh!

Just a word - please people when you find a good group, with a generous lovely designer, don't smash and grab (ie., join the group for the gift and then dash) Yes, I do have one slot open and am guilty of that myself from time to time, due to the unholy 25 group limitation, but when you find a truly worthwhile group such as Uncle Wiggily's STAY in it. And not just stay - BUY. It is so important these days to help support the designers we love on the grid. They get SO much grief for every petty little thing you can't even imagine, and the only way to keep the SL economy fluid is to keep our builders and designers in the red. Look, I know it is difficult to spend a lot of money (well it's easy as heck, but I think you get what I mean), but even if all you can afford is the free gifts, or the occasional small gift, it is often good form to put a tip of any denomination in the jar for them. They will be grateful, and the majority recognise that a lot of us are po'. That small generosity of yours will truly come back in good karma, and may help a designer who is having a particularly thankless, harried day feel like what they do is appreciated. *gets off of soapbox*

Uncle Wiggily:
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EDIT - I took a couple more shots of my Uncle Wiggily outfit over at the mecca of bunnehs and you can see them here:


  1. The two shots in the flower garden really grabbed me. The 1st one looked as though you were surrounded by flames, refocus and we see the lovely orange hues burning off the petals.

    The 2nd of you sort of making a mad dash through the air on "bubble-back" just looks like a lot of fun, regardless of any arduous posturing you had to do to set that up.

  2. actually? ^-^ it was really easy! the bubbles come preloaded with poses (remember watching orson's build? ^-^) so i just hopped on and pulled it around til i found the shot i liked

    i DO love the colours Esme uses.. so dreamy and watercoloured..