Monday, February 23, 2009

Blog Challenge!

Okay - this is not my usual type post, but it was irresistible, and will actually have some good tips (I hope :\ ). My good friend Uma Ceawlin posted a challenge on her blog to go for a surreal/goth/circusy/artistic type look - to stretch yourself outside of your normal comfort zone.

I was inspired by a combination of the incredibly beautiful circus girl skin from lessthan3 (yeah it's just about the only skin label you'll see me in these days. JOIN this group!!!! and staaaay. You won't regret it. She is so generous to her group, and is always coming out with some new kind of amazing creation to make your mouth water) and Pixel Dust's grand reopening in Festivale hair gift (Effing Clown Shoes Hair - was 1L - and may still be available, but I'm not positive). Not to mention ~silent sparrow~'s insanely beautiful Midnight Circus ensemble. I bought this LOOOONG ago, like over a year ago, when Hya had a sale, and I think it was only like 150L, but I'm unsure of the price now. (BAD BLOGGER!!) I can't get over how her quality of design has only increased - from an already amazing starting point.

I've also got on KISSME piercings from Sn@tch (50L - she's having a half off sale this week though so RUN!!!!) AND the way fun Dilly Dolls Midnight Mania entirely scripted texture/size/color change Floral Buckle Shoes. They change their board gifts often, so HURRY down and click to join. It's the easiest free thing in Second Life. Most stores have these, and not only is it fun to log on the next day and find folders waiting for you, it is also a great way to find out if this is a designer you will actually make more of an investment in. I think pretty much MOST of your favourite designers will have one.. Go on a Midnight Mania hunt and post what you find here! Let's have fun with this!

All shot @ the incredible Festivale sim - this is a MUST SEE, people. Not just because of all the awesome designers, but also just to PLAY! Remember playing? Exploring sims and DOING something in SL that didn't involve just sitting around? There's not enough childlike glee happening in Second Life, these days, and I think the experience is all the poorer for it. Go ride the carousel, or have the ferris wheel make you seasick. And most of all? LAUGH WITH YOUR FRIENDS. Things have been too stressful all around us, in RL and in SL - let's take some time to enjoy our friends, and just play.

Pixel Dust @ Festivale -
lessthan3 -
~silent sparrow~ -
Dilly Dolls -
Sn@tch -

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